Published on Nov 19, 2015 on David Whitehead – Truth Warrior’s channel
*See Links Below* In this Episode we take a very fascinating and in-depth look at the real matrix of power that operates in the world behind the scenes in relation to whats happening in the Middle East, the recent Paris attacks, Geo-Politics, Media, Religion, Zionsim, the Ottoman Empire, the Jesuits, the Red Papacy, the Nazis, the Royals, Black Lodge Masonry, Templarism, the unconscious mind, Psychology and more. We even touch briefly on this recent flat earth meme and the return of other medieval and pre-medieval ideas and why its being pushed at this time in particular.

The Red Papacy (by Michael Tsarion)

Salonica (Thessalonika)

Kingdom of Thessalonica

Mtsar Forum (Islam)

Female Illuminati

Age of Revealing

A Peace to End all Peace

The Ruling Elite

Controversy of Zion

Architects of Deception

Under the Sign of the Scorpion

Dr. John Coleman (Lecture)

The Committee of 300

Diplomacy by Deception

The Vanishing Middle Class

Dope Inc

The Enemy Unmasked

The Secret Terrorists

Hitler’s Secret Backers

Wall Street & the Bolshevik Revolution

America’s Secret Establishment

The Domneh


The Gentile Founders of Zionism

Young Turks Turks

Giuseppe Mazzini


3 Replies to “Michael Tsarion – Paris, Islam, Zionism & The Red Papacy”

  1. Know Thy self! Know that 99% of everything on TV is false !
    Ignore the satanists bull shit, don't allow others to take your energy and mind power! Ignore Distracts !
    If you want more details then Listen to all of Michael Tsarion's lectures! Read his books!

  2. false flag….this is a stimulation of the mind to bring it into actuality…..the hate in their hearts are stimulated through the flagging… you understand this? ……hate is a behavior it can change

  3. i am going to try to word this as correctly as possible……we are pawns ..this is what we have to move out of…..those who move the pieces can not have the fun they love if the bleating sheep do not FALL FOR THE GAME…..this game has no rules so we have none also…….what i know as fact in regards to GERMANY …THIS WAS A SET UP….all goals achieved …hitler that he was obeyed and was rewarded…..and his spawn is still in a high seat……all of it will continue until we free the sky====you think this is a joke? no……we matter very very little…….that is has been said THEY have the right…..NO …ALL IS ALLOWABLE…allowable and right is not compatible………WE ARE ALLOWED TO STOP IT

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