The Jesuits are a crypto-Jewish, anti-Christian and anti-white masonic order, who poses as a Christian order and who has taken over the Vatican (over 200 years ago, through Napoleon) and the Church. The Rothschilds, the leaders of the Jewish mafia who owns nearly all world banks, our politicians, our media, our colleges and most of the industry, are Jesuits themselves. Most of our politicians are in the Jesuit order or in offshoots of the Jesuit order, such as the Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, Skull and Bones, and others. These secret societies who are popularly known as “Illuminati”, are the Freemasonry. There are more modern masonic groups such as the Bilderberg group (also a branch of the Jesuits), the Trilateral Comission, CFR, etc.
Freemasonry is Judaism:
Jesuits are a crypto-Jewish masonic order:
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  1. Napoleon turned on the Jews, Masons(especially the Jacobins), and made laws against Jewish bankers. After he had enough gold and silver from his trip to Egypt, he opened his own national bank, relieved all debt, and literally punished the Jews. He brought in another Pope who said Jews could not be saved and was very against Masons. Read Douglas Reed's 'Controversy of Zion' which destroys Jews and he tells you look up Napoleon was a guy who dealt with Jews and almost figured them out honestly. The Jesuits were created by a Jew, and to destroy the Catholic Church. Bonaparte hated the Jesuits and even the Roman Catholic Church. He did fix up Saint Catherine's in Egypt in Sinai while grabbing the Rosetta Stone(that had the Jubilee on it.) Napoleon stated that “Terrorism, War & Bankruptcy are caused by the privatization of money, issued as a debt and compounded by interest “ He cancelled debt and interest in France using his gold and silver to make a national bank(not jew run foreign unstoppable printers of monopoly money that is debt based) – hence the Battle of Waterloo. The Rothschilds created the League Against Napoleon… he tried to work it out with the United States and men like Jefferson. Jefferson also hated the banks. He was right about the Church, Dr. Martin Luther called out the Catholic Church years before. He made allies of the Knights of Malta saying he too was a Christian when attacking the island of Malta for certain secrets…. and knowing that the Masons were going to be pissed. Belloc wrote that he was betrayed by Masonic Juifs paid off in his military. Many of his closest friends/best generals were offed in bizarre circumstances right before the Battle of Waterloo. But you are right about this… our world is screwed now because of Jews and Masons.

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