Missing 6-year-old autistic boy found 6-days after disappearnce +Jesuit Order & Pope Francis

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Missing 6-year-old boy, found dead 6-days later, in Gastonia, North Carolina:
Read more about the 33-day Pope:


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  1. They don't do autopsies on popes? Oh come on now😂
    Zach I'd give you $50. for your book in book form. I'm having a hard time coordinating this technology with Staple's. They understand I'm not plagerizing lol but now I need an Uber to. It's gonna cost me more then $50 & the hassle. I'd rather just pay you to put a copy on paper & send it to me? Maybe others have these problems?
    I've bought 3 books from a YT channel around $15. each paperback & great books. I'd like someone else's but it's $40. & $80. signed by the author. Maybe you could make some copies for us impaired lol & charge more? IDK but I'm dieing to read it.

  2. To Zachs fans.. We've made a fb page called "daily dose of Gematria" please come check out the page and give it a like, it's a platform that a couple of friends & I post Zachs library of videos. That way we can engage in conversation, share, learn and most importantly INVITE your friends and family. It's an easy way to get more people on board, and open their eyes to it , if you follow Zach you know he deserves the help. This is a way for YOU to contribute beside just buying the book or being a member of Patreon.. Thank you..

  3. Notice all the people saying why did she wait so long to speak out ? The judge crap…
    But boys/men come out 36 yrs after they say priests molested them and nobody asks why they waited so long to come out?
    Exposing the Hypocrisy

  4. Does his shirt have anything to do with gematria? Just curious. It was orange with I'm the Man or I am the Man depending on what article you read. Then black shorts. Black shorts, orange shirt – Halloween colors, some say satanic holiday.

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