More Proof The New World Order Is Moving To Takeover

This is very real and very apparent to anyone with their eyes wide open. The New World Order is moving along with rapid speed and the meeting in Italy this week with the Bilderberg meeting is more evidence of their agenda.

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  1. Why are so many responding with religious saviour? Do you not think part of their tactics is not religious believe and telling u all to have an invisible friend to save you? We must stand, not stupidly sit waiting

  2. So basically he is saying the bible is not true? Naw the bible is true! They won't be successful. What do you believe as a individual about this? The lie or the truth? You decide, time is short! Who are you going to serve before the government reveals the Antichrist? Remember, Christ said if you take the mark you cannot be saved.

  3. Take over” there bout to be burned to Ash by the Most High. The Satanic Zionist, and Babylon America, that have been protecting those Slavers enslaving all life. God is not dealing with the Synagogue of Satan and Satanic America. WW3” there plot to save there blood money to keep enslaving all life. 50 Billions in tariffs on China” really. Better hope the economy don’t shut down. This time it won’t start again. Thermal Nuclear Missiles will follow behind the collapse. Satanic America is finished.

    This nation half to pay for the slaughter of Gods Children and EXPLOITING ALL LIFE on earth. This wicked kingdom is at end.

  4. Your peace keeping mission that the west always talks about is just keeping the gears working their own way keeping on controlling nations with their infiltrated hand picked politicians,then when one speaks against this order and shows initiative he is portrayed in the ready designed tool called world media that he is a dictator,there is one leader who is getting ready against this world order,you know him as a tyrant dictator we know him as Recep Tayyip Erdogan !!

  5. Illuminati: New World Order? OIL the Alpha Omega World Order to Disorder! Oil is Illuminati: An invisible government that engulfed from the bowels
    of the earth, aboriginally inspired us to utilize for our life support geared
    towards human development. Until it become a predicament, excruciating billions
    of people on the streets with a sick building syndrome and economic turmoil.
    Weaponized to vanquish those who are in competition. Having “skenofinically” indoctrinated to be an oil addict, we scrape the beautiful landscape of the earth thereby annihilating the flora and fauna’s habitat by Shale rock cracking to obtain this Unseen Government, to extend its power to rule and control benighted oil  addicts. If rules become a tyranny, resistance become
    a duty. YOU! When do you think you will report for duty?

  6. If you control the guns ,you will only control the world for a short time ,
    But if you control people's minds , you will control the world much longer until people realize that they need to get out of this trap ,

    Either way , evil can't continue forever , because evil doesn't produce any good , and a world that has no good will eventually collapse on its own .

  7. Pay attention folks… “a NWO that we’ll be able to forge for “ourselves, children & family”…!
    George Bush was referring to themselves ie globalist and cronies to have the ability to control the masses!
    He wasn’t referring to the masses but, the few elite, when he “forge for ourselves”!!

    Their time is up and they know it hence, their in-the-face revelations!
    The true humanity-Jesus Christ is already has already taken over and NOT their false anti-christ Jesus!
    The counterfeiting isn’t sustainable and has to end at some point!

  8. The elites have the most luxurious technological well shocked doomsday bunkers massive cites ungrounded chiseled bunkers into mountains

    All fitted with advanced hospitals and medical care.. Gardens cinema living quarters the list is endless

    Purchased land in New Zealand

    They are well and truly prepared for the imminent collapse..

    No hiding place for no one

    Revelations 6 15

    The Kings of the earth and the great man and commanders and the rich man the strong man and every slave and free hid themselves in the caves among the rocks of the mountains

    Isaiah 26 20 Come my people, enter into your rooms and close the doors behind the doors behind you, hide a little while until indignation runs its course..

    Job 34 22
    Jeremiah 34 22
    Jerimaiah 16 17

    No hiding place from the warth of God…

  9. The Satanic Lucifarian New World Order beast system plans to take over the world! It is well documented in the bible, a book written over 2,000 years ago! Evil forces are certainly upon us! Institutions like the UN, the council of Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, NATO, the EU, Skull & Bones and many more are run by these globalist satanists! The reality is that they are planning our demise for sure! Jesus is Lord and is coming to save us without doubt! Where will you be? Money and power will not save you in these last days! Repent your sins and accept our lord and saviour before it is too late!
    Steve, you are 100% right! God bless you brother for spreading the truth in your message! Be not afraid brothers and sisters! All this has been foretold! Evil time is short and he knows it! God knows all things both past, present and future, so no need to worry! All things are about to pass! Only true Faith will save you! Jesus taught us to forgive and to be humble! Not to hate but to love one another. Evil therefore is easy to spot! Be aware of the vultures that surround you! The media, film TV, radio, music and education is controlled by these sick perverted individuals. Money is all they want! They push knowledge and education to keep you away from faith in God and a higher religious order! They trick you into believing that knowledge is power and that science can prove and solve everything! Evolution and atheism are their hallmarks! Remember, they can take our bodies but they can never take our souls if we truly and faithfully accept Jesus, our Lord and Saviour! For he is the light of the world for all to see! Do not be fooled by these demons! Watch out for wolves in sheeps clothing! Hell is real and is for ETERNITY!

  10. Religion is just another divide. Jesus or lord or alah wont save you they dont exist. Your praying to something the global elites made up to control the population. Think about it, coz if you sin you'll be punished by some fuzzy dude in the clouds that wants money. Kinda funny isn't it.

  11. el Papa es un miembro del Nuevo Orden Mundial que someterá y esclavizará a la humanidad , cuando se instalen del todo procederán a exterminar a todos los que no piensan como el Nuevo Orden Mundial como hizo el judío Stalin matando decenas de millones de eslavos que no aceptaban sus ideas

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