MOST POWERFUL ORGANIZATION in the WORLD – controlled by Jesuit Superior General

Knights Hospitaller (1070); Order of the Holy Sepulchre, Knights of Malta (1099); Knights Templar (1119); Order of Calatrava (1158), Teutonic Knights (1190); Society of Jesus {aka Jesuits} (1540 founded by Converso or Marrano Jews)(16,378 ‘Brethren’ in 112 nations in 6 continents worldwide), Order of Freemasons (1717), Illuminati (1776), Bullingdon Club (1780), Prince Hall (1787), Mazzini {Carbonari & FM} set up the MAFIA (1830s), Skull and Bones (1832), Order of the Eastern Star (1850), Shriners (1870), Bohemian Grove (1872), Rhodes Trust (1902), Order of Women Freemasons (1908), Order of De Molay (1919), Council on Foreign Relations {CFR} (1921), Fulbright (1946), Bilderberg Group (1954), Los Zetas (1999). [There are some 300,000 Freemasons who meet in 6,800 Masonic Lodges within the British Isles alone (6 Million ‘Brethren’ worldwide)].

Jesuit Superior General is based at the Curia Generalizia Della Compagnia Di Gesu {‘G’}, Borgo Santo Spirito 4, 00193 Rome, {one block from the Vatican}. [Albert Pike {‘SGIG’} informs us in ‘Morals and Dogma’ (1871) published by the Supreme Council, Thirty Third Degree, of the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction of the United States (Rose Croix Rite), asserting on page 321 that Lucifer is one of the deities within Freemasonry].

PRIVATE Oath asserts: Absolute SECRECY, Absolute OBEDIENCE, Absolute SUBJUGATION, ALL Brethren ‘MUST SHIELD any and all Brethren who assert the same are IN DISTRESS’. [Includes Prince Hall & OWFM].


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