Mystery Babylon and The Judgement of America

For the last 50 years, America has chosen a path of moral destruction, even knowing the blessings that God can give more than any other nation on earth. Yet, we have let evil creep into our midst and it doesn’t look like it’s going away. The book of Revelation tells of the Judgment that is coming upon America.


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  1. "…I didn't see …" lyrics from the song by the Bee Gees says it all : 2 Thessalonians 2:11 KJV " And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie"….
    No one knows the day or hour of our Lord's return, but we can tell the times and seasons : God bless,and rejoice in Jesus name my brothers and sisters. In Jesus Christ name, I pray Come Lord Jesus come: Rev. 22:12 ; Amen and Praise God .

  2. I humbly disagree with you because you only use 1 reasoning to disqualify the Vatican with the 7 Hills. The Vatican fills all of the descriptions of Rev. 17's Mystery Babylon. the U.S.A. Does Not. I agree the U.S. will pay for it's rebellion of God! But the U.S. is the Spiritual Ephraim! The 13th Tribe. He will be chastised. But will return to God's favor.

  3. woman is always a church ,where is this church that rules from constantine till now?
    judgement begins with his church ,no salavation because of a false gospel ,no light wich is dead forever …this is the first dead ,the second is when you don,t rise up with CHRIST .

  4. How can people not see how perverted homosexuals are whenever they have a so called "pride parade" they are just about(sometimes only covered with body paint) naked. Grinding each other and making out. No one wants to see that. When you have a penis. You are a male. According to evolutionist. . .humans have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. Now all of a sudden gender is "fluid". People have lost their Damn minds.

  5. Christ is soon coming and eliminating evil, beastsystem, evils people, be sure of that. Obama is satan and pope belongs to hiem and they belongs to the beastsystem. But, Christ isa winner and satan a looser and beastsystem looser, all be liminating.

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