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9 Replies to “NAD SDA Priestesses Modern Day Eve. Changing SOP Gender Pronouns. SCOTUS Sabbath Blue Laws”

  1. My beloved Brotha*, although the "SUNDAY LAW" crisis is before us all – 4 SDA* the looming crisis is "THE GREAT SLAUGHTER OF EZEKIEL 9:4-6!!!

    #YESHUA* must "PURIFY" HIS CHURCH & sadly this is His way of removing the "WICKED" from amongst the "JUST" – TARES from amongst WHEAT!!!

    Many SDA* do not want to accept the "LIGHT" on Ezekiel 9 because of ignorant pride & the #Laodicean spirit that chokes the "SPIRIT OF GOD" out of its rightful place in the soul…

    As a result, when you show men & women in the church that the "GREAT SLAUGHTER" can be proven from the entire BIBLE* & the SOP* they go into #DENIAL because somehow #ELOHIM (OUR GOD) won't do what HE* says HE* will do!!!

    If according to 1 Peter 4:17 #Judgment begins at the "HOUSE OF GOD" which is the SDA Church – then why are we so reticent to accept the "PRESENT TRUTH" as cited by the prophets in regards to GOD* cleaning out His Temple (once & 4 all)…

    See more:

  2. It is the Power of the Gospel (The suffering, dying and Life of Jesus'
    Infinite power) that
    Produces the fruit of sanctification. We must NEVER put sanctification over
    Justication..or combine them together. We are saved by the Merits of
    Christ ALONE!!!!!!
    Our perfection rests Only in the Merits of Christ..our works are important to show
    Our Faith is genuine, to witness to others and bring glory to God, but are imperfect
    Works while We are in these polluted bodies. Rest in Christ!!!!!🕯📖

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