10 Replies to “NASA, ESA, SpaceX, The Space Hoax Exposed (* Learn of the Jesuit order)”

  1. What we are doing is giving NASA all the feedback they need to improve their presentations. In other words, NASA will see all out comments regarding their fake International Space Station videos and they can revise them and make future fake videos more realistic. Then, like the original moon landing tapes, they will erase or otherwise get rid of these bad videos and then they will be a generation better. Those that come along in the future will have a harder time spotting their fakery. So there you have it, we are doing NASA a great and grand favor. Shameless bastards, standing in front of grade schoolers and lying to them.
    "Why did you want to be an astronaut?" "Well, kid, ever since I was a young kid like you , just 3000 miles from where we are right now………………". The astronauts today are nothing like the original 7 who actually went into space, I think.

  2. I just watched a video today on Polarization Nation Media ( A channel that I recommend ) and Jason , the sites owner showed that scene with Medusa and the fake toilet. He insisted that it was some kind of Korean rice cooker as he had one of his own. Maybe the manufacturer has issues. This is surrealistic how fucked these masonic retards are. I don't imagine sitting on one of those things would be too pleasant, especially with the suction happening. How in the fuck can people be dumbed down to the point of taking anything that these astro nots, pathetic, jesuit controlled free masons does seriously ?

    P.S. I highly recommend a channel ( Flat earth Asshole ). Even if you're a globe head , you should still get some laughs off of the guy who runs it. I'm serious, that is the name of the site.

  3. I hope you have proper proof of your claims, because I am a professor of law at Yale, and I think you may be in a lot of trouble. NASA is not going to take this lying down. Tau Beta Pi has members everywhere; your mailman, your boss, your doctor…anyone could be Tau Beta Pi. Just watch yourself.

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