NASA Freemasons & The Jesuit Boogie Woogie

So Who Runs the Big Show, Perp’d and Perpetuates the Biggest of Lies for well over 500 Years? The Government you See in Power? Forgetaboutit!

The Jews you say, you’re not even close.

Secret Societies, getting warmer yet still way off.

Who takes blood oath vows to wipe off all Heretics and Liberals off the face of the Earth solely because one man tells him to kill someone?

Who supports pedophilia and sex slaves while enjoying such enormous wealth that they have to spout platitudes about helping the poorest of the poor, yet live lavish lives?

Who runs America? Who ordered the killing of Presidents Garfield, Jackson, Lincoln, Kennedy and many others, including the pregnant Princess Di?

What they show you with the right hand is not what is behind the power. It is to look deeply behind the left hidden hand to find the occulted hidden truths that rule this world today, who have infilitrated our schools, our governments and our politicians to a degree few are aware.
Jesuits; Rulers of Evil
Jesuits; Rulers of Evil

Freemasons List of Important Figures in Recent History

The Freemasons

Secret Societies You’ve Never Heard Of But Should Know
Take the Test #1. How Many Secret Societies Can YOU Name?

Georgia Guidestones

Sinister Sites: The Georgia Guidestones

Hofjuden Court Jew

Music by R.E.M.


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  1. Following again. Seven billion minus five hundred million people equal six billion five hundred thousand people, murdered.
    7,000,000,000 population estimate – 500,000,000 desired population [per Georgia Guidestones] = 6,500,000,000 , murdered.

  2. Another correction for you. Your equation of Ashkenazi Jews with nazism is error. "Ashkenaz" simply means "Germany" in Medieval Hebrew.

    Ashkenazim were "Germanic" Jews… & the Sephardim, were "Hispanic" Jews. "Sefarad" means "Hispania" or "Iberia" in Hebrew.

  3. Hi yes what you are talking about is the truth.  It seems like they are devil worshippers.  I hate them but I love Jesus Christ he is the saviour.  They are all weirdos.  I have been listening to other videos that people have been posting about the free masons.   So they are wrong about who they are worshipping.  They will also go to be with Satan.  God bless you and your videos are good because people learn from this people whose eyes are blinded.

  4. Wait. If as, the opening meme says "NASA Freemason a Jesuit production since 1540" then why are the Freemasons prohibited by the Jesuits from the catholic church and how did NASA exist in 1540.

  5. Fishbowl ther goin to break the dome over earth n try to take the Real Lord Gods throne do you get it n that's what they been nuking for how many years now n i believe n know they will try because time is up the the dragon of revelation that's it the hiding dragon n he was cast out that old serpent that fooled the whole world n his place was not found anymore in heaven n he was wrath because he knows he has a short time this is real revelation i know n also know time is up for the believers we get go go back home to heaven it's over rapture comin up ther goin to nuke N.Y city n they have the hoover dam rigged to blow n kill our food n water supplies that's a rapture blow us back to Lord God Jesus who died on the cross for us to have a bigger n better life with him after he get rid of the jesuits anti christs satan reptilens children thanks am sharing all this video's n thank you for ur trouble n times n money n personal slavery over this much appreciate n will share all i can n stay safe n at peace of mind n bless in Lord Jesus 🌹

  6. So President Reagan let them back in n the deadly wound to the head of the beast was healed n all the world wondered after the beast small n great rich n poor n the jesuits means in place of Lord Jesus Christ its antichrist instead of the Lord Jesus Christ who really made man the soul of a man n they worship the creatures the real creator the Lord God Yud hei vav hei in flesh WoW you really opened my eyes we are at the endtimes times up do you know they are starting the 7years of tribulations by these evil sick satanic has on the people n famines so you will eat ur own flesh n ur childrens GOT LORD JESUS THE REAL ONE WHO IS THE REAL LORD GOD NEED TO FIND HIM N FAST IT'S HERE JUST WARNING IT IS HERE NOW !!! Times up on humanity n they will make sure no real human heart left alive no know what that means no real human has a chance if not in real Lord God n he is Lord Jesus Chist in english wakup ppl !!!

  7. The REAL conspiracy is in organizing EVERY shipping captain (and his crew), EVERY international pilot, EVERY sailor, and EVERY meteorologist, to ALL keep secret that the earth is actually a frisbee instead of a globe. Indeed, Hundreds of thousands of people are carefully guarding this truth from the rest of us. That is just absolutely amazing!

  8. I think you need to hear my video called Meeting Jesus While Working for the Illuminati.  I stood with a 3rd Order Jesuit who had worked for NASA and OPM and with had a planned front row seat to 911.  I apologize for the audio as it was my first video and I was still under the custody of a corrupt (Freemason) Judge in the state of Virginia.  If you understand that video I recommend you listen to the one called Dick next then the one called My Illuminati Picture Show and Tell…hurry RT and cable outlets reported 2 days ago that ISIS has targeted the Vatican for this XMAS (xmas is totally pagan btw it says this in Jeremiah 10)…Roman Church created Islam and the Roman Church is the whore of Babylon.  Once she goes down we move into Revelation 11.  Hold Fast!

  9.–_the_original_crypt.html Marranos — The Original Crypto Jews The founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius of Loyola , was a converso, and so was his successor Diego Lainex. Most conversos practiced Judaism in secret and were considered "Judaizers." LOYOLA WAS A 'MARRANO JEW,' THE FIRST CRYPTO JEWS. SO YOUR PREMISE 'THAT JESUITS RUN JEWS,' IS ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT. THE ROTHSCHILDS 'HANDLE THE VATICAN'S MONEY,' SO THE VATICAN IS RUN BY ZIONIST JEWS: “Early in the 19th century the Pope came to the Rothschilds to borrow money. The Rothschilds were very friendly with the Pope, causing one journalist to sarcastically say ‘Rothschild has kissed the hand of the Pope… Order has been reestablished.’ The Rothschilds in fact over time were entrusted with the bulk of the Vatican’s wealth.

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