Showing the blatant editing manipulation and lack of true experimentation in the ‘space power’ vacuum facility.

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31 Replies to “NASA Vacuum Chamber Scam *Exposed* MUST WATCH”

  1. I hate to tell you bud…but your "PROOF" sucks ass. I have seen this experiment in real life, sorry…in a vacuum different weights DO fall at the same speed and at the same time with no air in a chamber.
    YOUR ideas are the ones to be questioned.

  2. Ok earnest attempt. But the dynamic factor that been removed is air resistance and density , but why do they scam taxpayers for billions just to prove this schoolboy experiment how about that smug cunt Cox going into the Vac chamber with a space suit on aye the fucker would not be grinning then I’ll bet

  3. the feeling of the air being pushed down around you is called AIR PRESSURE. the 14 psi that you were just explaining wouldnt happen without gravity because all of the air would be sucked out into the vacuum of space.

  4. You know what friend, this has crossed my mind… According to NASA at this link: – i quote:
    An object that falls through a vacuum is subjected to only one external force, the gravitational force, expressed as the weight of the object. ….
    With algebra we can solve for the acceleration of a free falling object. The acceleration is constant and equal to the gravitational acceleration g which is 9.8 meters per square second at sea level on the Earth.
    * with emphasis on acceleration-me***
    The weight, size, and shape of the object are not a factor in describing a free fall. In a vacuum, a beach ball falls with the same acceleration as an airliner. Knowing the acceleration, we can determine the velocity and location of any free falling object at any time using the following equations. * acceleration again-me***
    Here is a table of calculated acceleration (meters per second squared), velocity (meters per second), and displacement (meters) at 1 second intervals.
    Time = 0, Accel = 9.8, Velocity = 0.0, Distance = 0.0
    Time = 1, Accel = 9.8, Velocity = 9.8, Distance = 4.9
    Time = 2, Accel = 9.8, Velocity = 19.6, Distance = 19.6
    Time = 3, Accel = 9.8, Velocity = 29.4, Distance = 44.1
    Time = 4, Accel = 9.8, Velocity = 39.2, Distance = 78.4
    Time = 5, Accel = 9.8, Velocity = 49.0, Distance = 122.5
    Time = 6, Accel = 9.8, Velocity = 58.8, Distance = 176.4
    Time = 7, Accel = 9.8, Velocity = 68.6, Distance = 240.1
    Time = 8, Accel = 9.8, Velocity = 78.4, Distance = 313.6
    Notice that the acceleration is a constant, the velocity increases linearly, and the location increases quadratically.

    ***mmm, i don't see any acceleration – velocity increasing… plus i cannot find a full length uncut real time video… – but wow so no air in that chamber so gravity should be the only force and the way those feathers bounced, classic!

  5. What is the point in faking this? This proves that there is no wind resistance, therefore it puts a question mark on how the space shuttle comes home. Because the shuttle is a glider I found out. Damn small wingspan for a glider but that's not my point. My point is how the hell is a glider supposed to fly without no armosphere? It woild drop like a bag of shit through the vacuum of space until it hits the atmosphere. By then it would be out of control. And this huge shuttle (with no motor) would not be able to regain control by itself once out of control.
    This experiment to me provides solid proof that nothing can fly in this vacuum area… thus debunking their moon mission and iss saga. So why woild nasa fake something that, in the end, will go against all of their claims of maned space flight.
    Pretend that box was a pile of dogshit. The ball will fall into the shit and that's the end of its journey. The feathers however… they are much lighter than the ball and they probably wouldn't even get stuck in the shit.. The feathers would more than likely bounce off the shit as they are way to light to stick in there. And if they drop them from the height you are claiming then there is just not enough space between the ball and the objects at the other end. At this height the feathers woild probably just fall into the object and come to a stop right there.

  6. Wrong dude. Yes, 14.7psi of air is pushing down on us and we counter that with bones and the same amount of pressure outward holding our self up. We we born in this. Look at fish or animals that live in the deep oceans. We would be crushed in the deep, but some fish live down there. But, bring those fish up and they die because of the less pressure.

  7. Lol ok so the air pushing down on us at any given time is equalized. When you feel wind, it is actually the difference in pressure that we feel. The air you feel hitting you is increased air pressure while the exact opposite side you actually have a decrease in air pressure. The change in pressure is equal on both sides.

  8. I have entered the flat earth convention. Got a bunch of retards in here. 😂 Its necessary to run tests of parts and orbital systems is a vacuum before. Um. Idk. Testing in space? Cmon its impossible to get a perfect vacuum sure but its very feasible to get something usable as this is. Also to the flat rock people. Why are we the only flat planet. Also to the moon landing people. There is a morror on the moon. Js

  9. As soon as the video quoted bible, i knew "thats why its such a stupid video"

    If you think that air doesnt push you from all directions at crushing forces, please do an experiment where you remove air pressure from one side of your body, but keep it for the other side( get half way into a vacum chamber…so that the only way for air to get into the chamber is through you ).

    Its gona be a fun experiment. Plz post the video of your mangled corpse….i meant experiment here.

  10. if you look closer, you actually see the apple is falling a little faster than the feathers and is pushing on the feathers and that the two bodies are rotating a little like a vortex. not that i trust nasa for anything but at least this looked natural even if it isn't. the bad part is that this experiment is done by nasa. had been better if it was from a university. why did they have to use a apple with simmilar mass as the feather when they supposed to have used a lead ball with the feather and why did the two objects have to be dropped so close to each other? somthing fishy is going on with this experiment. they supposed to use motion sensors on both objects to detect exactly the difference in acceleration even if the difference comes out as zero. its obvious that these experiments show bad science as further examples chould be shown to the public just to nail it.

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