NBA Owners Are Jews or Catholic Jesuits

Most people don’t know who runs the NBA. Well the NBA owners do and most of them are Talmudic Jews or Roman Catholic Jesuits.


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  1. Jewish Team Owners in the National Basketball Association (NBA) (2017)
    Following US President Donald Trump’s comments about the disrespect shown by the NFL’s – as well as the NBA’s – players – as well as some of team officials and even owners – to the American flag. I thought it would be educational to run the numbers concerning just how many NBA team owners – who ultimately have the power to stop such public displays of national disrespect if they so choose – are jewish.

    The NBA’s teams and their owners are as follows:

    Atlanta Hawks: Anthony ‘Tony’ Ressler

    Boston Celtics: Boston Basketball Partners LLC

    Brooklyn Nets: Mikhail Prokhorov

    Charlotte Hornets: Michael Jordan

    Chicago Bulls: Jerry Reinsdorf

    Cleveland Cavaliers: Jeff Cohen, Daniel Gilbert, Gordon Gund and Usher Raymond

    Dallas Mavericks: Mark Cuban

    Denver Nuggets: Ann Walton Kroenke

    Detroit Pistons: Tom Gores

    Golden State Warriors: Joseph ‘Joe’ Lacob and Peter Guber

    Houston Rockets: Leslie Alexander

    Indiana Pacers: Pacers Basketball LLC (aka Herbert Simon)

    Los Angeles Clippers: Steve Ballmer

    Los Angeles Lakers: Philip Anschutz, Buss Family Trusts, Edward Roski and Patrick Soon-Shiong

    Memphis Grizzlies: Robert Pera

    Miami Heat: Micky Arison

    Milwaukee Bucks: Jamie Dinan, Wes Edens and Marc Lasry

    Minnesota Timberwolves: Glen Taylor

    New Orleans Pelicans: Nba Media Ventures LLC

    New York Knicks: The Madison Square Garden Company (aka James Dolan)

    Oklahoma City Thunder: Professional Basketball Club (aka Clay Bennett)

    Orlando Magic: Richard DeVos Sr.

    Phoenix Suns: Robert Sarver

    Philadelphia 76ers: Joshua Harris

    Portland Trail Blazers: Paul Allen

    Sacramento Kings: Vivek Ranadivé

    San Antonio Spurs: Spurs Sports & Entertainment (aka Peter Holt)

    Toronto Raptors: Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (aka Lawrence ‘Larry’ Tanenbaum)

    Washington Wizards: Theodore ‘Ted’ Leonsis

    Utah Jazz: Gail Miller

    Of these 39 the following 17 are jews:

    Anthony ‘Tony’ Ressler (Atlanta Hawks) (1)

    Mikhail Prokhorov (Brooklyn Nets) (2)

    Jerry Reinsdorf (Chicago Bulls) (3)

    Jeff Cohen (Cleveland Cavaliers) (4)

    Daniel Gilbert (Cleveland Cavaliers) (5)

    Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks) (6)

    Peter Guber (Golden State Warriors) (7)

    Joseph ‘Joe’ Lacob (Golden State Warriors) (8)

    Leslie Alexander (Houston Rockets) (9)

    Herbert Simon (Indiana Pacers) (10)

    Steve Ballmer (Los Angeles Clippers) (11)

    Micky Arison (Miami Heat) (12)

    Marc Lasry (Milwaukee Bucks) (13)

    Clay Bennett (Oklahoma City Thunder) (14)

    Joshua Harris (Philadelphia 76ers) (15)

    Robert Sarver (Phoenix Suns) (16)

    Lawrence ‘Larry’ Tanenbaum (Toronto Raptors) (17)

    So in other words 43.6 percent of NBA team owners are jewish, which – given that jews represent but 3 percent of the US population – (18) is just shy of a 1450 percent overrepresentation. This is up from a mere 33 percent in 2006. (19)

    Oh and just to add insult to injury in this representation; the current Commissioner of the NBA Adam Silver is jewish (20) as was his long-serving predecessor David Stern (who was NBA Commissioner between 1984 and 2014). (21)

    As Shapiro notes: jews are ‘the most noticeable in this ethnic progression in sports ownership.’ (22)

    These jewish owners aren’t really passionate about America or basketball; since they view their NBA acquisitions as business investments that they use to generate money to funnel back to jewish communal organisations in the United States as well as sending their profits overseas to Israel. (23)

    To quote Shapiro once again:

    ‘The Jewish owners of sports teams have been open about their ethnic and religious ties, and many of them are major benefactors to Jewish institutions.’ (24)

    So one has to wonder how loyal are these individuals to America?

    The answer to that is not at all.

  2. For all Clarity ; if you are Educated at a Jesuit University, that does not Automatically make you a Member of the Jesuit Order. But to Add to that ; the Bilderberg Group was set up by 2 Knights of Malta ( Joseph Retinger and Prince Bernard ), the CIA was set up by another Member of the Vatican Knights of Malta ; Bill Donovan. Now the Sovereign Military Order of Malta ( SMOM ) is a SOVEREIGN NATION which Issues its Own Diplomatic Passports. Why do " Truthers " hardly ever Mention these OBVIOUS ties of Powerful Institutions to the 1500 year old " Mother of Harlots " in Rome ? I dont know for Sure but all My Research in to the " Illuminati " always seem to End up in Rome. And this was also the Case before I knew of Bible Prophecy, and got Saved. So Please : DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, God bless.

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