NCC of SDA Reject Churches Motions Because Embracing Sodomy IS Not Apostasy.Chico Homosexual Baptism

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  1. Brother, the foundation of the Christian Church is the fact that Jesus is the Son of God. (Matthew 16:13-18) Learn Adventist history. Our foundational understanding of the Father and the Son was given to us by God through the prophet, and it was a non-trinitarian understanding. That has changed. The new, false, foundation was voted in in 1980 at Dallas Texas. It is a trinitarian foundation. (The 1946 statement of beliefs was transitional, and could be taken either way.) now that we say we believe in the trinity, Babylon loves us and we can join the Ecumenical Movement. Open your eyes, pastor, first Israel changed gods and then all kinds of error came in.

  2. Have you gone to work with anyone in the LGBT community?

    It's not a LGBT issue its SCIENCE AND PHELOSPOPHY issue
    KELLOOG issues never been adressed

    ADAM was 1st KING

    I disagree with you on not giving tithes to church
    And promoting inderpendant ministries instead .

    The school system was germinated with weeds what are you going to do pull them out ???

  3. Maybe the Sacramento SDA Church is against the womens ordination, gay marriage and baptism of gays. But they are for the Roman Catholic trinity and engaged in hate against the 2520 judgement of God. The 2520 covenant with Israel in Leviticus 26 is part of the Midnight Cry, but we don't need no Ellen White. The Hegelian Dialectic working full swing. Thank you Brother Emanuel for you diligent hard work, look into the deeper subjects that are as well salvational issues.

  4. Lord have mercy.Jesus his coming how we are going to preach the massages to the world if we bring the world to the church yes we can bring the world to church not to stay the way theyโ€™re for them to changes abandoned sin this is a shame Sin thank you pastor Emanuel God bless you Iโ€™m praying for you?

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