4 Replies to “Nelson Turner & Eric Jon Phelps – International Jesuit Tyranny”

  1. This is Eric in his finest Hour.  He sure covered the gamut and the strength of his assertions were precisely on target and more clear than I have ever heard him speak before.  The time to WAKE UP and share this information is NOW.  Arm yourselves.  Start getting to know your neighbors and find who is worth befriending.  Get food and ammo if you can afford it.  Water…????  Socks and shoes…supplies…toilet paper?!?!  GET READY AND SHARE INFO LIKE THIS.  REPENT; THAT IT MIGHT NOT HAPPEN AS BADLY AS IT COULD…

  2. i wish i had learned of this sermon earlier. Is the address he gave still good to send a letter this being 1 year ago this broadcast? Recently I had been enjoying Tex Mars and Pastor Sanderson but this sermon seems so much more real.

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