1. Hi host to this channel I really enjoy ur videos and now I have been awakened to the Devils n the Illuminati’s agenda.. I will like to know which kinda of occultist books you have read so I can tell my family that how wrong the life they are living. So if you or anyone tell me the Titles n Name of these books.. Keep doing these videos!! God bless you!!

  2. Netflix is now being used as a way to track what ppl watch to see how we will react to accepting the "iron and clay". I saw it on the snap chat Comedy Central news feed yesterday. I mean along with them openly saying that Trump is just being used so we say "SEE! The American dream Does exist". I have finally opened my eyes, it's really sad and unbelievable… just incredible.

  3. It's you Bible-obsessed sheep who are trying to indoctrinate the masses. The more I listen to these rants, the more eye (pun) see… it's you who cannot coexist. You see evil in everything, except your church, which is not even religious, it's purely mind control dogma. Dungeons-n-Dragons is satanic; rock-n-roll is satanic; peanut butter-n-jelly is satanic. Yet, look at your Bible, it's filled with atrocious rules and impossible stories (stolen from the Egyptians, BTW) and you regurgitate it without even knowing what it means; you only think you do because some pedo in a gown tells you what it should mean.

  4. Religion is about (mind) control. The world will not end because of religion, but because of people who believe in religion. We are not going to be fighting demons and witches, we will be fighting people who believe in that boogeyman b.s. The second in command of the Vatican is a pedo, as well as many in the clergy. The Pope seems to be pushing NWO with Globalist agenda of open borders.

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