José Rizal deposited the world’s wealth that was formerly held by the Grey Pope, leader of the Grey Jesuit Council, and head of the Ptolemaic Papal bloodline families of the Vatican in the World Bank. At the end of WWII, Marcos and Rizal established the World Bank and IMF, to administer the world’s wealth after 50 years. YouTube edited my comments; I am restoring them now. YouTube also edited the end of the program to delete this statement:
As we work through this agenda to rid the world from corruption in the world’s money, we are going to learn from one another. We are getting “the hang of it”. There is no going back. Please reach out to others and work together with them. The Global Currency Reset is a group activity. Until next week, I am your host, Karen Hudes
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  1. This is interesting and revealing…" 1
    Good evening, I am your host Karen Hudes. Welcome to the Series on the Network of
    Global Corporate Control. Today's segment is pre-recorded and is called "Implementing
    the Global Currency Reset".
    Thanks to DCTV, to Carmen Stanley,…
    handed me their power
    transition model in 2004. We are now in a coalition of the world's military
    powers and people to end the corruption in the world's money system…."As a whistleblower in the World Bank's legal department, I was strategically
    placed. That is why the National Defense College
    handed me their power
    transition model in 2004. We are now in a coalition of the world's military
    powers and people to end the corruption in the world's money system"- Karen Hudas

  2. Hello Karen. You mentioned at around the 16 minute and 10 second mark, that you had asked UNCAD to take on the task of currency valuation, or something like that. Shortly thereafter you stated the UN is part of the banking cartel. I'm curious, why would you ask the banking cartel to do the valuation project, knowing they are the banking cartel?

  3. Hi Karen…I love your work. I am sure I saw a short 15 minute program which showed several charts and paperwork on Oct 30 which ended with you saying…"the dollar is really the gold that belongs to us in the global debt facilities not the federal reserve, that is what we are talking about" and then it ended …And it is no longer on the youtube…Just saying Karen, I saw it!…

  4. Yes, hello Karen, I think most of archives is not showing. Your response is not showing. I guess the A. I. Algorithm has taken offence, maybe the alphabet group you exposed feels threatened, this platform is under their purview, so no supprise there. Peace and Love, God Bless

  5. The video cuts off at 25:48 while you are speaking dear Karen. Thank you. I fwd this one to friends again. Hoping we can get some action. Much love to you and your family and to all of us wanting to make these changes. May we all begin soon and make our world a better place for commerce.

  6. To:

    Karen Hudes (Hades)


    are changing the world to reflect the

    ESSENCE of Humanity, which is

    Freedom, Peace, Love, Joy and Creativity.


    Her statement below TELLS you ALL you need to know about her/it.

    "I am turning everything over to decentralized humanity.

    And preventing WWIII in the process.

    As far as whether things work out, we are in process.

    Stay tuned. Your alternative is WWIII and probable extinction."

    Oh you are are you?

    Oh thank you so very much for saving us!! (a being named Hades)

    Also, thanks for the ULTIMATUM. very benevolent of you!


    Pretenders and IMPOSTORS are NOT welcome but will be dealt with

    and most likely healed of their GRAND DELUSIONS as minions and


    See ya, would not wanna be ya!

  7. karen please try to be more alive on your videos. You are an intelligent woman with tons of interesting information but your presentation is very robotic and void of passion/energy. I couldn't watch the whole video even though I've watch you before
    in interviews with great interest. thanks…

  8. Thank u Karen! I have been working with Servicemembers, military Vets, in the community to serve VA homeless shelters. I also donate clothing to battered women' s shelters in my community. I have resources, I'm working with Organizations currently to develop a rapport. I would love to fund their projects anonymously and give them great relief. I'm ready, bring it on lol! Love and Light!

  9. Good video ,, your mic or volumes really low ,,, are Mexico bank safe lad like move to Baja buy me a house to live with family ,, was thinking bout sticking cash in Mexican bank to operate down there,,, Thanks

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