This segment is called, “Reality is reality, and the lying Banking Cartel is getting wound down because it is bankrupt. At some point people will catch onto the truth.”
This title is for the people who have been following us during the nearly three years that DCTV has been broadcasting this Series on the corruption in the world’s money.
For those who are new to these disclosures on corruption in the world’s money: this is a perfect time for us to get to know one another. There are now enough people who realize that they have been lied to for their whole lives about very important things, like where their money is going, who is their enemy, what happened in history, who is paying the salaries of judges and whether courts are fair, who the people that are supposed to represent them in government are actually working for, whether the events that are reported in the news are actually happening, or whether we know what is going on at all.
It has taken us awhile to get through to enough people who realize that these basic questions have very disturbing answers. The disturbing answer is that the people who print the world’s money have been using that money to lie to everyone, and for a very, very long time. There are a few families, called the Black Nobility, who have established a very corrupt world money system so that they could take advantage of everyone else.
At the end of WWII, a very powerful man from the Philippines, José Rizal, was able to melt and stamp all the world’s gold, put most of the world’s precious metals, gemstones and art treasures in a trust, to gather the bonds that purchased the world’s gold and to have these bonds earn compound interest in the trust and then to have his lawyer, Ferdinand Marcos, create a big co-op so that the world’s people could bankrupt the bankers. That is where we are today. The bonds in the trust, called Treaty of Versailles Bonds, are now worth 2 quadrillion dollars. We are using these bonds to bankrupt the Banking Cartel.


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  2. Karen when you speak about the Coalition for the rule of law, is this website affiliated with what you speak about?
    I don't see anything new there since 2012. Looking a little further I did see your name connected with this website but again nothing new since 2012, why is that? What happened to the Aurum there is a link if we want to purchase some but then there is nothing there to purchase except for a couple of trinkets. I have not been following you steadily over the last 4 years, perhaps I've missed something. Could you please update me thank you.

  3. PS I have a question that you might know the answer to? Everytime somebody dies the government send them $255 because they died what is that? I get a bad weird feeling everytime I hear that information it sounds contractual? Like some corporate insurance company trying to finalize ending contracts the only problem is the public isn't aware of these contracts that they're paying on and finalizing I don't get any of this do you have any comments here??

  4. I truly appreciate that you are waking up the people,on how these corrupt money hungry corporation.Thank You keep up the excellent work.,and educating us on the world corporate corruption.
    This is truly about Good vs evil.

  5. Last week post 2/12/2018 I asked a question and made some observations but no one replied. I know that I will be called a sock puppet or a troll, neither of which I am. We are told that Trump is not the legitimate president however he controls the military, all of our weapons of mass destruction including nuclear. I believe the pentagon and its very top generals are the ones that call the shots and Trump has no choice but to do what they tell him to do. From my vantage point, I see that we are on the very edge of nuclear war with North Korea, China, and Russia. Israel is making for war with Iran, Lebanon, and Syria. Israel will be assisted by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, some of the other Arab states, and of course the USA, England, France, Australia,etc. How are are we winning?

  6. IOWA CORRUPT JUDGES COURTS POLICE, & IOWA CORRUPT JUDGES COURTS POLICE 2. You Tube these video exposes of Official Misconduct. Evidence of Withholding Exonerating Exculpatory Evidence is Posted. Where is the Oversight of these CORRUPT BAR associates? See Comments for details

  7. Karen works very hard. But are we seeing any tangible results to what she is saying? What will this economic reset look like? How will we know the reset has happened? What will be the signs the reset has occurred? When this happens how will we know?

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