“Never, Never, Never!!”

Like I had to prove it with a video =]


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  1. Micky,
    That's quite a list of whom you are willing to allow to live, or not. I guess my next-door neighbour found himself on your list, and dead, too. I wonder how he got listed?
    At 20 years old, you are too young to have seen the reality of it there Micky.
    The reality, and the suffering, is very different from your dogma.
    It's all been tried before Micky. Last time it was 3600 dead, and 40,000 maimed.

  2. I understand that Paisley was elected, still is, and can be voted out?
    Adolf Hitler absolutely slaughtered socialists, and communists and Marxists and 6 million Jews and would have slaughtered you Mickyk.
    Where is the connection?

  3. maybe not the entire irish government but certainly large elements of irish republicanism. how long do you think de valera would have remained neutral if the germans had carried out operation sealion? a german legation remained in dubin throughout the war to discuss the very possibility. you should know this anyway. i believe you've seen the documentary youself. it was on RTE if i'm not mistaken.

  4. the irony here is the funniest thing. bet none you republican child murdering scumbags knew that the republic of ireland was the only country to send official condolences to the nazis after hitler's death. like i had to prove it with a fact lol.

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