#NeverForget 9/11. Orlando Remembers This Day In History. Tell It To The World

#NeverForget 9/11. Orlando Remembers This Day In History. Tell It To The World


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  1. I remember when my history teacher showed us a video of the events that would actually happen, this was way back in 1994 in 11th grade, I wasn’t even a Christian at that point but when this took place I always go back to what the history professor put on in class for us to watch very dark times to live in now,though I realize that all things have to come to pass before Christ second coming…

  2. All security agencies failed on the day, could it be possible they are the terrorists, never mind it's a conspiracy. All these idiots not wanting privacy, strip them naked if they got nothing to hide, then ask them same question again. And images of that day are subjective and have been altered and manipulated to fit the narrative of planes hitting, yet you have Larry Silverstein and his buddy Trump saying demolition πŸ’₯

  3. I was in my senior year in high school. I recall a substitute telling the class to pray. Kids were hysterical for their parents worked in the Pentagon and some worked in NYC. I lived in MD at the time. Things have changed so quickly since then.

  4. i was in nj and drove there later that night and got there by early morning sept 12 driving thru harlem which was desolate and i drove south to the jacob javitz building and signed up as a volunteer and because i had a hard hat i got in with another woman as i was living as a female transsexual. i stayed for 3 days helping to hold torch cutters lines to keep them from getting cut or tangled on the sharp steel. i saw much evil and some good there. i eventually repented from living as a fake female and live as a eunuch for Gods glory .

  5. I remember looking at replays of the plane hitting the building, watching them collapse, feeling like I was dreaming. I was already angry about other things in this world but something about that day really bothered me. It got me searching, which took me to conspiracy theories etc. Then to bible prophecy and well, to where I am today. Thanks for the video guys. God bless ~

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