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  1. @TheFreedomMinistry it seems prophecy is self-fulling because the adherents/religious practitioners/followers not only bring such things into fruition, but through there actions the groundwork is laid so that these "prophesied" events actually occur.

  2. The Inquisition never stopped, unfortunately, it just does a better job sometimes of keeping things QUIET, be aware that their PR Machine never sleeps!

    This New Jesuit Pope Initiation does not bode well for things to come – there are two possibilities as I see it with reality now:

    (1) Powerful men are making things happen to follow a specific timeline and prophecy as outlined in Holy Writ; or

    (2) God is real and His Word is coming to pass.

    Either way, hold onto your hats folks

    Thanks Marcia

  3. I saw the look of JOY on the faces of people waiting for the new pope to be elected – from all backgrounds and ages.


    The new face of EVIL.

    2nd only to the Superior General.

    Nothing you read is a shock, Marcia.

    Thanks for the vid.


  4. Thank you, Marcia – another great piece of disclosure – it just keeps getting worse & worse – disgusting. The Catholic Church & especially the Jesuits are part of the dark forces that infest this planet and torment the life forms here.. Sad, and mad!

  5. I am still hoping that you will listen to my song and that it makes you smile, just search for buzzachino,,,"To Be a Better Man" ! This flowed from me without thought, so maybe it's meant for all !

  6. I Sincerely appologise for my previous comment, it seems the fear is in the YT camp, i can't contact you or reply to your messages, i would look into this ! All i wanted to do was to send you a song i wrote to cheer you up ! No ill intensions on my part, once again i am Sorry !

  7. Let's Give you a Good Christian name… Yup, was to be believed that 100 million natives lived in this nation before the Europeans came by order of the Jesuit Order: Society Of Jesus… I suppose… Put pieces together, we are still in a Roman Empire and well are you really free? The system is setup so people can't really have a good business unless they hop on the band wagon of MAMMON…

  8. The higher authority is within and without in The Society Of Jesus which is behind every ruling power in the world where The Church has set its feet, which includes on my mom's side their island "King Island, Alaska where they built a Church on my ancestors island and well changed them, I hate this URCH since it says they come in peace but come with utter lies and mix beliefs to keep everyone happy since The Roman Empire was formed with The URCH. And well I believe Hillel II a Jew joined his ppl

  9. Hi Justin,
    I was raised Mormon (no longer a believer in Mormonism) so I don't know much about this topic. I have heard the term "The Black Pope" but I don't know what it means. What is the significance of "The Black Pope" in prophecy?

  10. remember that it was not only the jesuit order involved in the setting up of the residential school system which was created to remove aboriginals from their ways and assimilate them into the new culture, the church of england, the governments of the u.s. and canda as well as other religious groups all had a hand in the genocide…

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