The new Pope is the first Jesuit to lead the Catholic Church. Jesuits are considered “God’s Marines” and live by a philosophy of the ends justify the means. Is Pope Francis the False Prophet warned about in the Bible? What is the Society of Jesus? Is it a Cult? What secrets does the Vatican hold? Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.
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26 Replies to “New Pope is First JESUIT to lead Catholic Cult – Illuminati Insider? – False Prophet or Black Pope?”

  1. Catholic and Orthodox Churches are the original Christian churches. Catholic is a greeck word that means universal.Your ancestors were all catholics or orthosox. Christianity did not start in the 16th century with Luther, Calvino and many others. The same way the history of the world, which you don´t know, did not start in 1776.Pedophiliaa exists also in prorestant sects and also, incest. Ir also exists in other religions and is legal in islam, concerning girls.Most reformed european countries became mostly atheist countries and nowadays they are beeing islamized.

  2. im very disappoint that you make this video with so much hate against my church because this horrific crimes, (yes its very wrong and i hope&pray its complete over with all the pedophiles behind bars)
    besides that you should at least respect millions of innocent and true followers of Christ thru the Catholic religion, lets also not forget other religions have this problem as well , lets condemn Islam in the middle east? by the way with them pedophilia its legal in some cities of the middle east, how about jeovah witness? or other cristian denominations??
    Jesus only command was Love you enemy as you love yourself,
    i respect you and admired you Mark Dice, but with this attack am sad and will pray harder for you to understand and find truth!

  3. The Catholic Church is evil. Worshipping statues, praying to Mary and this Black pope absolving sins. This stuff is blasphemy.
    Apparently there is even an altar to Bathomet inside the Vatican !!!! All I need to know about this Pope is in his eyes.
    Pure abject evil.

  4. The Catholic Church is the most charitable institution of all, don't take my word for it, look around. Do you think God wanted his one and only church to be in competition with thousands of different christian denominations? Competing against each other? Giving 10% to a pastor for his BMW? I pray that you see the light Mark. I am very disappointed. I thought you were the real one. You have shown that you don't have a clue about the Catholic Church. Just because you're not catholic you should not hate it. And putting these nasty false videos. This is only your deranged opinion. You're better than this Mark, you are better than this dude.

  5. Mark, mark, markey mark… you sound like a desperate whiny little bitch…ROMAN CATHOLICS… we are the single largest body of religion or religious domination in the world even more than the protestants best friend Sunni Muslims…were are literally BILLIONS more in number than you or them…..hahaha what an evangelical/baptist/born again retarded loser! What is your obsessions, these things already happened under the Catholic/Orthodox following by Jesus disciples, by Israelites, under the Graeco-Roman world…are you but-hurt that the far north had no power or no say in the matter? That is the crux of it, you are jealous that we were there not you, we translated it, they spoke Greek and Latin after Hebrew and Aramaic and that Rome & Constantinople were the capitals and pillars of both Western and Christian society…

    I've been watching your current videos and they're funny and true and seems like a united Judaeo-Christian counter to the far left but looking at your old videos…you were a butt hurt conflicted, jacobion, carbonari, anti semitic, anti latin butthurt loser!
    Yes I am a Roman Catholic both ethnically and religiously and i will be the first to tell you that the Orthodox Catholics (Thats their official name) were in the right with us…we will become one again… but the Protestants were 100% in the wrong with our schism. The protestant reformation "lutheran" is just like the islamic reformation "wahhabism" its undeniable historical fact that they reformed IN A WORSE WAY!

  6. Mark I love most of your videos but you do know the Catholic Church is the original branch of Christianity right? The fact that it was corrupt is true, but than it reformed itself to eliminate the corruption and restored dignity, morality, and spirituality to the Church. Catholics believe Pope is the head of the Church on earth and the Vicar of Christ. He is a human like me and you thus imperfect, however, there are instances when he is believed to be infallible. I Believe this is in the discernment of the Churches doctrine, I could be wrong, but I know it is only under very specific circumstances. As for the Jesuits, they ae missionaries. I'm not aware of the atrocities of which you speak, but I am very aware that when they went to foreign peoples, such as Native Americans, Japanese, and Africans, they treated their cultures with respect. They were unlike any other religious organization because, rather than trying to force Christianity upon people and overpower their native cultures, they adopted the natives ways of life, dress, and language thus integrating themselves into the native cultures. Once that had been done they found similarities between native beliefs and Catholicism that helped the native peoples learn about and relate to Catholicism. This allowed them to make many converts globally without alienating the peoples native cultures. They are commonly referred to as the Society of Jesus or Warriors of Christ because they willingly went to foreign lands, faced many dangers, were persecuted, and often times killed to spread the word of God. I don't know why you see the Church as this horrifying cult. Obviously you don't believe the Catholic institution is a proper form of Christianity and you don't want to follow it, nothing wrong with that. But by condemning the church in its entirety you are condemning all of Christianity which finds its roots connected to the Catholic Church.

    I wont argue with you that the church was corrupt in the 14th century, but calling my church a satanic cult is absurd and completely out of line.

  7. Alright dude I'm a hardcore conservative and constitutionalist like you. I also think that pope Francis is not a good pope, but I honestly think you've never been to a modern day mass and you speak out of ignorance. I was baptized catholic but am agnostic by choice, but I've been to catholic masses all my life and their not fucking cults you idiot. They speak only of good in the world and helping others. The Catholic Church isn't the same as it was in the days of the Protestant reformation. Do your research and perhaps go to a modern day mass service. Stick to being anti Islam, a religion that is throwing gays off buildings and beheading christians. And yes, Catholics are christians most likely in its purest form.

  8. Protestantism in the United States at its moronic best. The puritan turds and the know-nothings had a baby in a trailer park in Hicksville. Their progeny after a few centuries of heavy inbreeding and the result is this trash YT. Lacking intelligence or an education these imbeciles live believing every conspiracy theory as long as it confirms that already held idiotic beliefs. Thus their already wacky beliefs are further given credence and imbecility builds on idiocy.

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