NEW POPE & REVELATION 13:11 Pope Francis the Jesuit speaks like a lamb? 2nd Horn Rises? #13 sign

Babylon Watch 2013: 1st Jesuit Pope speaks like a lamb? #13 sign of the times & Rev.13:11

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  1. The pope represents the little horn power and the 1st beast of Daniel.. the second beast is the the United States. The little horn power came to be in 538 A.D. and seemed to receive the deadly wound in 1798 A.D.. by Gen. Berthier of France that was the 1260 yr period of the dark ages also know in the Bible as the 42 month, time times and half a time..etc.. The US was recognized by the world as a real country in 1798. and we are told that the second beast arrives at the time of the deadly wound.

  2. I read a short story on Argentina a few years back – apparently they have a national rage/anger problem they call 'Bronca'. Argentinians spend more money on psychiatric/psychological councelling – "psycho analysis" – per capita than any other people in the world. Interesting then that this Pope is of this angry stock. Bringing Bronca to the Vatican AKA speaking as a Dragon?

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