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  1. @FreeIraq49 The Vatican rat lines helped ardent nazis like Wernher von Braun escape trial and installed them in positions of power in NASA and the CIA. this is of course after the Vatican helped fund the nazi's into power in the 1st place. Folks please remember that Rome and Germany were ALLIES during WW2, do you really think the Vatican had no interests at stake here? Vatican Templarism, SMOM, masonic Templarism, red cross , order of garter…same origin, all different flavors of the same Vatican controlled order, even Wikipedia will tell you that, just look it up anywhere. Queen Elizabeth is a Dame of Malta and therefore a servant of the Vatican

  2. What's the Big Idea? Big Deal! HAHA. This was prophesied in the Bible thousands of years ago and it says the New World Order is defeated. These people are so deceived that they think it will succeed. They are only pawns of satan. Satan is the lord of the this prison, but it will come to an end. Only through Jesus Christ can you enter into Heaven. Even satan knows that his time is short. The demons know they will be defeated by Jesus Christ. The Pope is the Antichrist and hecanbarelywalk

  3. @FreeIraq49 I said Knights of Malta, not Knights Templar, they are two different groups…You are obviously highly clever and well educated. Why not use that to expose rather than cover up corruption? Most Catholics are good people and no ones blaming them for the Vatican's role in history

  4. @FreeIraq49 So what? The Vatican claims not to support freemasonry, yet the Knights of Malta are the Masons most powerful branch. Hitler believed the other races were inferior yet he allied himself with the Japanese. The British royalty financed hitler whom they went to war against. Governments and corporations say one thing and do another behind the scenes

  5. @FreeIraq49 I have no idea what your talking about. Hitler didn't order the assassination of any pope because he had no authority over the Vatican. It was the Vatican who PUT Hitler into power through funding by their puppets the British royalty and Thule/Vrill society, as well as Skull and Bonesman Prescott Bush who was charged for doing this.

  6. @NOCFRCANDIDATES08 Indeed, the Vatican is the whore of Babylon. Its impossible to get the entire big picture without this fundamental understanding. The Roman empire never ended, it just changed its name to the Vatican corporation. All roads still lead to Rome

  7. Well… it's possible that the ones whom we call the Illuminati are descendants of the Nephilim who are attributed with defiling mammals, fish and birds – the GIANTS. What I'm saying is that it's possible that THEY created the dinosaurs.

  8. Well you already took the most important step by laughing instead of saying its all lies and a conspiracy!

    If you are serious the best advice is get food, water, seeds, guns and ammo. While you are doing that try and wake people up to the corruption.

    Just so you know it is hardest to wake people up closest to you, they will write you off as crazy until they hear about it through some one else.

  9. North American Union a creation of Jews,THE ANSWER IS NO,its a creation of the Jesuits,watch Walter J Veith how he deconstructs on the Jesuit Fraud powerbase and how the Jesuits now run everything,your leaders answer to the JEWS-NO! period,your leaders answers to the Jesuits,why do we have photos of the Queen kissing the pope,why does the Mafia kiss the pope,why does the Soveriegn Military Order of Malta Grandmaster Matthew Festing kiss the pope as well,so conclusion is THE JESUITS RUN IT ALL

  10. Only those who create the money and want all the power preach we need a new world order. Sick twisted insane monstors who represent the evil of human spirit and will see the destruction of their own soul rest upon ashes of darkness.

  11. Yeah, humankind doesn't understand the plan. Our hearts and minds are yet too small. According to the Ancient Wisdom, the perfected human being will be fully integrated with its Soul.

    Instead, the Mind of man is ruling, along with the fear. As the Mind of man is perverted in this.

    The Man is to use the Mind as a tool, but, we are still backwards.

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