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  1. I do believe that we are headed towards something that is trying to bring about a world government, and technology seems to be gearing towards people having a sort of technological mark, but we have to be careful not to want to see trouble in everything going on or we will end up crying wolf over nothing.

  2. Sauronich you are a fucking idiot…now fuck off and die as your stealing oxygen from intelligent people here on this planet. Run along now and get your H1N1 Vaccine. it was made for people like you…oh wait you probably already have.

  3. If they do start a war, it won't be with America, the UK or any other large countries like that. They have 6, between us we have hundreds of thousands. They can't hit anything further away than Alaska, we can hit anything in the world.

  4. Lmao…..i guess rhis is ur way of sayin u can't debunk my videos……GET OFF DAT RICKY BOBBY SHIT…..everybody ain't gone get this knowledge it ain't for everybody….i hope u get on the right path before its to late.

  5. see i don't get paid ads and all that shit put on my page um here for the people not a check…i'm informing but you call me a BRAINWASHER…'s so hilarious to me LMAO….it makes me understand why they say real recognize real and it's obvious that u don't recognize you talk all this shit then turn and say at the end of your comment that secret societies are taking over the world thats dumb or u haven't looked at my page cause thats what ive been saying..

  6. Obama's legacy will be that he is the last U.S. President. In 2010, the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership) kicks in and Mexico, U.S.A. and Canada become one entity. AKA NAU (North American Union). Google 'Amero' for the proposed common currency. Prepare for a new constitution devoid of many of the elements that your forefathers fought hard for. Welcome to Bush Sr's 'New World Order'. Forerunner to the 'One World Government'. Keep exposin' the chosen.

  7. the deal with the masons, it's that they are tightly related to the illuminatis- and they (illuminatis) were the first ones to have the idea of a NWO (new world order),.. it is a plot where everyone is against the others religions, politics, secrets societys to see wich one will be the conquerer of the world.. the humanity is the only one wich will be harmed- You, me.

  8. originally the swastika was a peace sign a long time ago now every body sees it as a Nazi symbol it wasn't just them the romans used them to so y is every body so bother by it before Hitler most ppl didn't even know wot one was

  9. it's not a secret that freemasons are secrect society. So maybe some folk at Denver airport were masons. What's a big deal if they expressed some of their weird ideas in art? There is plenty of Christian, Mulsim, Jewesh, Mormon, Hindu, Zen art all around. What's a big deal about masonic?

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