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  1. The Final authority is the Bible (KJV) as far as translations go ,Not any of the counsels of Trent or any other man made counsels especially those who Deni Salvation through Jesus Christ Alone. Praying in his name only ,he's the ONLY one who can forgive sin and present you to the Father "spotless"
    Mary of the Bible had sin she can't do it , the priest can't do it , the popes can't do it , the southern baptist preachers can't do it , the southern baptist convention can't do it or any other man made religion , especially those that say contrary to the Bible.
    John 14 :6 "Jesus sayeth unto them , I Am the Way, the Truth & the Life ,No man cometh unto the Father but by me."

  2. That is how I learned from the excellent books "The Devil's Final Battle" by Fr. Paul Kramer and "The Secret Still Hidden" by Christopher Ferrara.

    PROTESTants, orthodox KGB agents, Masons, false religions, homosexuals, and evil forces got in the Church in 1960 by anti-Pope John XXIII signed "Open to the world" in 1960.  They were still pretending to be Catholics include clergy who rape boys and girls…horrible!

    Anti-Pope Paul VI changed Traditional Roman Catholic Liturgy to protestant liturgy with six protestant theologists and masons in 1960s.

    Pope Paul VI declared "The Smoke of Satan has entered in Church" in 1972.  I think it meant Paul was Satan.  (impostor)

    The evil forces made the world to think Catholic Church looks bad.

    Our Lady of Fatima gives us one solution is Consecrate Russia.

    If Pope and all bishops of the world obey Her requested.

    When consecration of Russia will be done, Russia will be converted to CATHOLICISM/CATHOLIC FAITH.  Then, the world will have PEACE.  Also, TLMasses and Roman Catholic Churches will return back to normal again.

    Calm down?  No,

    In three years – 2017 – We mark the 100th anniversary of Our Lady's appearance at Fatima – A NEAR CENTURY OF DISOBEDIENCE!

    What horrors will the world have to suffer before that day arrive!?!

    Father Malachi Martin read the Third Secret of Fatima.  He said that by 2017, ALL THE FATIMA PROHECIES WILL BE FULFILLED!

    What does this mean?  Fr. Malachi took an oath not to reveal the exact words of the full Third Secret, but told us as much as he could.  In a chilling revelation, he once said,  "THE THIRD SECRET IS YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE! MULTIPLIED EXPONENTIALLY!"

    Pope Benedict XVI told us the Third Secret is about the future and it is "TERRIFYING"

    Are we facing this terrifying nightmare now?  Already various experts predict war between the United States and China.  Others predict imminent war with Russia as well.

    Our Lady of Fatima told us war is a punishment for sin!

    Many Catholics are confused.  They believed Pope JP II consecrated the world without mentioned Russia by name and bishops in 1982, 1984, and 2000.  Who told it?  It was both Cardinals Sodano and Bertone who claimed it.  They were lied to Popes, Bishops, Catholics, and the world.

    I understood that Neo-Stalinist Putin restored Soviet national anthem in a few years ago. I bet he will restore Soviet Union and old flag again in a few months later soon.

    Russia has NOT been done as Our Lady of Fatima requested.

    Please pray the rosary weapon everyday as Our Lady of Fatima requested.

  3. This has got to be a Chick Tract? Only Jack Chick can twist and misrepresent Catholic doctrine so terribly. I wouldn't want to be him when I face final judgement… you know what Scriptures say about false teachers. Outright lies about the faith and interjecting his own "saved by faith alone" and rapture nonsense.

  4. i remember hearing old ghost stories about nuns being raped and then committing suicide at a convent close to downtown SA. it was said you could see the nuns wandering around the grounds there. i think the new public housing has been built over it now. 🙁 check out know your enemy by the fuel project. its a loooong playlist but explains a lot about how the enemy satan has deceived so many!

  5. He was just a kid who couldn't take his mothers death and so had to blame it on somebody,in his case The Catholic Church.——He was such a selfish person that he never thought that millions of children lose their mother everyday but carry on as normal.
    ————Case solved——————

  6. @BlaZ1nUp because the catholic church is pretty much based on the fact that the apostol peter and paul never married but it is wrong because the bible never says that we shouldnt marry because God created and designed us to reproduce

  7. @BlaZ1nUp
    There is a grand anti-Catholic tradition in America. The Knownothings, the Klansmen: Guardians of Liberty, Alma Bridwell White, Branford Clarke, The Ku Klux Klan In Prophecy, Heroes of the Fiery Cross, the Black Legion, the Silver Shirts targeted the Catholic Church, immigrants, Blacks, Eastern & Southern Europeans, the Irish, Jews and others.

    This is the way the Anglo-American oligarchs control the workers. They scapegoat a group.

  8. @BlaZ1nUp Probably because none of this has ever been proven. Anyone can buy a clerical collar and pretend to be a priest. There's a reason why this is in cartoon form. It is meant to appeal to the young and less educated.
    Sadly, Chick is highly funded by someone or something (a government, foundation, etc.) and can circulate this hatred far & wide.

  9. @Koalar3: He didn't know Latin! If he was truly a jesuit priest at the given time and place he said he was he would know Latin, and he would have given much more physical evidence to condemn the church which supposedly tortured him.

  10. @Koalar3 He was discredited by his own testimony was Mr Rivera, unfortunately "this stuff" goes on all over the world throughout humanity whether religious or not, singling out the RC church only kinda points to a bigoted viewpoint I suggest

  11. @BlaZ1nUp O'Reilly is a Catholic and Jesuit trained, what did you expect. Almost every anchor and correspondent on Fox news and radio are professing Catholics. Rupert Murdoch(owner of Fox) built a 10 million dollar cathedral in Australia. Trust the LORD and practically no one else.

  12. Please help ourselves and pray to God that He protect us from evil. Let the truth prevail in this world only we need to pray, that's God only waiting from us all and then things will happen. Have faith…

  13. The only thing sad about this videos is , that it only has 157 views , yesterday i was watching O'reilly , some stupid dancing guy got 97 million views , for dancing ?! Are you kidding me , wake up peopel !!

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