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  1. Wow ! May The Lord Bless Alberto In Heaven For His Message.Truly The Lord Called Upon Him To Do A Really Hard Job In His Service.Hope I Can Pass His Message Along Just As Well. I Have A Few Married Into The family & I'm Trying To See How To Approach Them .Help Me Lord And If Anyone See's This Please Pray For The Path To Do This Thing For My Family. I'm A Jesus Freak And So Lucky To Be…. Praise The Lord!

  2. Muslims fanatics & haters, killers (largely the equal of the Jesuits criminals assholes in their methods..AND GOALS!..)…groups weirdly NEVER
    denounced too by those gentle "anti evil Illuminati" "truthers!..at the contrary, everything seemed to be done to "excuse" the extremists muslims fanatics (that threaten themselves pure real muslim normal people..never hesitating to assassinate them too..:(( )..America built by the pure PROTESTANTS..leading to ww3 hating all others..SATAN WON;ok ^ thx!

  3. It just seems that in the end..luciferians HAVE won the game already now, on EVERY levels alas; even the catholic Vatican is spoiled according to that serie (ok..)…the whole financial system..cultural…illuminati…macons..jesuits…even the fanatics ones against their mythical 'NWO' or "illuminati" do propaganda like that to destroy the full catholic faith (assimilating it to luciferians assholes so!..).. greeaat..

  4. All the serie is not logical in his hatred btw; many times it shows perfectly how 'true" catholics' initial faith try to forbid those assassins..how popes were killed for that..even the one that denounced nazis initially..yet they don't do the difference…they try to diffamate the whole institution/faith, assimilating it with the devillish Jesuits (they prove they ARe evil..YEs,seems so alas 🙁 ).. asshole propagandist author, really.. stupid here. Be logical moron..

  5. well… that serie is fabulous in a way : makes better understand the tragedy in the Vatican actually…and in catholic faith ; the story of a faith totally hijacked now by, then, (real) pure bastard assholes really dubious (indeed) secret organization.. the assholes Jesuits so..luciferians? seems so..tragedy..

  6. … and that way to affirm that ALL catholics believers will go to HELL -!!!!! are we dreaming?!? even the street little pure heart folks that is mainly touched by the humnaity of Mary -a religion with human roots- (that _trully_ ignore totally the sick goals of the "Jesuits"..many DON'T like them either at all, because they feel in them the same crazyness of absolutist fanatics in inhuman allmighty gods potential criminals..mind you btw..Jesuits move HIDDEN..).

  7. lol. What a fabulous piece of PROTESTANT propaganda, if we had to sum it up, in the end, all simply -!! : totally trashing and insulting the holliest believes of their christians fellow catholics…not a single second understanding them (nor trying to); talking like absolute asshole religious fanatics to 'refute' them : they are literally the religion of baal, believe in the most human figure possible (Mary) in the equivallent of worshiping Baal Godess !!!! what a bunch of assholes !… I

  8. hey brother can you insert text boxes for the right side page shown at 5:30 and also for Heb 10:12. Unsaved readers need to be able to clearly see these scriptures which define what they need to do to be saved. thanks. I rebuke the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ.

  9. Jesus never used the word Hell or spoke of anyone burning for all eternity. The opposite, he saved a sinner on the cross. Even some of his disciples had committed crimes.

    Talking of gnashing teeth is just an analogy, he cleverly used stories to make his points. I will gnash my teeth if I'm judged and told I've no future and will return to the earth whence I came.

    Rich man does not mean one occupied by an idol, look up the dictionary. It has always meant one who is rich, i.e. wealth.

  10. You appear to be a very vain person, ole and God does not like vanity.

    You're so sure you have made it to Heaven you seem to brag that you and only you know the way.

    And all the rest of us will burn. I'm sorry for you. You would have done well in the Spanish Inquisition.

  11. The Father allowed his Son to be delivered up and cruxified to atone for the sins of Adam and Eve. We all carry that sin as their descendents, but for it we would all live forever even now.

    By giving his life Jesus has given us the opportunity of again reclaiming that right. Not all will want eternal life. That's their choice. But they wont, nor would they deserve to be burned forevermore just because they don't accept God.

    To perish means to die, not to be tortured.

  12. "The bible said many in heaven will weep and God will wipe away their tears. Why do you think they weep?"

    Some will weep out of compassion for the sad fact that many have not made it to eternal life.

    My, you have it in for rich men, don't you?

    Jesus died for us all, sinners as well. That's the point you miss. He didn't give his life for the privelege of being allowed to burn all his enemies. They'll just cease to exist.

  13. Not all rich men are evil, nor will they burn for being successful businessmen. It's a warning against greed and avarice.

    The Bible is written in parables to warn against evil.

    Torment is the knowledge one is not going to live forever.

    The Spanish Inquisition also misread the Bible. They took it to mean torture was God's way. So they burned and drowned simple old women and called them witches.

    That is the danger in the Catholic belief that God burns and tortures his children.

  14. Yes, after Jesus removes Satan from the Earth and destroys the leaders who follow him the dead will be resurrected and judged.

    Those who fail will be returned to the nothingness out of which they came, those who make the cut will live for all eternity.

    The Catholic Church use Hell as a means of scaring its followers. Jesus was God's son and was pure love, exactly as his Father is. There is no Hell. You seem to yearn for it in some way, but it doesn't exist.

  15. "If man become extinct (or non existent) after death, what is there to be judged? In Reve. 20:12; John in a vision saw those who died stand before God for their final judgement. "

    Yes, they will be resurrected when Jesus returns, Ole, then they will be judged. If they've led evil lives they will not be allowed to join the others on a paradise earth. It does not say they will be tortured.

  16. Why would a loving Father show a picture of people burning and then pretend I had a choice. Agree or burn.

    The personality of God you suggest is nothing at all like the God Jesus shows us in the NT.

    Jesus died to atone for the mistakes of Adam and Eve. We can now live forever if we follow him.

    If we don't follow we cease to exist. Quite fair.

    Yet you want sinners to be tortured. I'll pray for you, ole, you must be a very unhappy person. I hope Jehovah forgives you.

  17. For goodness sake, ole, you're gonna explode, you're so full of anger and frustration. That's not at all the way God wants you to be.

    Why don't you answer my question. Could you be happy in God's kingdom knowing your own mother was burning in Hell for all eternity. What's so hard about that question.

    You know a God of Love could never ever allow that to happen. He'd be the God of all terrorists then.

    You really must pray and try to get back on the correct path, you're way off man.

  18. Those who worship Mary try to change the Bible, saying they weren't actually children of Mary, just using the words to mean of the same fellowship, not the same family.

    The Bible is very clear on this. Mary had children, Jesus had brothers and sisters, Mary was a virgin up to the point Jesus was born, after that she most certainly was not.

    I keep being told to read the bible and take it at it's word. Then when I do I get told off. Mary, according to the bible, was no virgin.

  19. The Catholic Church interpreted the Bible for their own followers.

    The Bible doesn't speak of a Pope.

    The Bible tells us not to worship idols, that includes statues and icons. I've been to Lourdes, what a money making farce.

    Nowhere in the Bible are rosaries mentioned. Nor idolatry of the Mother of Jesus. They tell us she's a virgin yet the Bible clearly tells us she had children after Jesus.

    Purgatory, the Missal, the making of Saints and all that rot, not in the Bible at all.

  20. As for the Trinity, no evidence provided there.

    Matthew, 28:19, where does he say the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are One? He doesn't, it's your interpretation.

    Matthew 3:17, "This is my beloved Son." So you're saying God was saying he was his own son? Come on, not very sensible is it. Even a mentally retarded person would see through this.

    Jesus on the cross "Father Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do", are you seriously suggesting he was speaking to himself? You are.

  21. Everyone knows something about God, we must, we're his children. Not just you.

    Of the two thieves only one repented and showed he cared for Jesus. The other one didn't. But nowhere did Jesus say, "you'll walk with me in Paradise, but your friend will be scourged and burn for evermore." No, he just wouldn't get eternal life.

    You're leaning too far towards the evil side, my friend. Balance things out and accept God is a God of Love, nothing else.

    He loves you, you won't burn.

  22. There you go, talking of God as if he were some kind of Hitler. He also wanted to burn those who didn't accept him.

    You've given no Bible scriptures that say anything about the Trinity.

    I believe in God and Jesus, but there's nothing in the New Testament to make me think either would burn or whip anyone for being wrong.

    Did he not show mercy to a sinner and criminal on the cross next to him? Despite his sins? Yes, Love and forgiveness is the Key to Heaven. Not revenge and hate.

  23. btw I like your channel, some interesting videos there.

    But I see you're also a believer in the Trinity, another Catholic invention. Nowhere in the Bible does it say God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are one entity. If they were they spoke to themselves a lot.

    Like folks being burned and whipped so many interpret the bible literally without trying to look at the real meaning.

  24. I don't agree with you and suddenly I'm mentally retarded. I doubt God would think much of you for being so nasty.

    I agree salvation has to be attained through Jesus. I believe God will not allow eternal life to those who don't follow Jesus. That's their punishment.

    You believe God will send those who fail to a kind of heavenly Guantanamo Bay where they'll be tortured and burn for all eternity.

    I bet you're one of those who think they're saved and everyone else is doomed.

  25. The Bible is never very clear about anything. It's all about interpretation.

    If you believe God is a mass torturer who burns anyone refusing to bow down to him, good, that's your choice.

    I prefer to focus on the parts of the Bible that suggest he is a God of Love.

    Good luck, we'll continue this discussion in Heaven.

  26. It's how you interpret it. These are stories to help us take the right path. Like how hard for a rich man to enter Heaven. Easier for a camel to pass through a needle. How would you interpret that? All men who've saved a few bob are doomed? No way, a story to warn against greed and avarice.

    Judgement, yes. We'll all be resurrected then judged, but if we fail we'll be history.

    Imagine you pass, your mother doesn't. Could you live forever knowing she was on fire and being whipped?

  27. I've read all that. Still doesn't mention Hellfire. Where does the Bible speak of anyone burning forever more?

    The punishment for non believers will be extinction, no eternal life.

    The God you portray is no different from Satan. What loving Father could possibly get fun out of whipping any sinner or watch him burn for all eternity? And just for refusing to serve Him.

    You misjudge and don't understand the true nature of a Loving God.

    God could not permit torture. He is LOVE.

  28. This is when you don't speak a foreign language and make false statements. I don't honour nazi salute at all. My relatives were slaughtered by nazi croatian ustashas in WWII. And in this particular video i show the nazi Croatians saluting in WWII to Hitler. I show this because the Croatians today refuse to admit that they were nazis. But in fact they were the worst nazis in WWII. They were worse then germans.

  29. Can you give me a bible quote that says that? There is no mention of Hell in the Bible, it's a creation of the Catholic Church, that and Purgatory.

    No, there is no forgiveness for the evildoers in your own Serbia, or anywhere else.

    But God is a God of Love, they will simply cease to exist and will not be allowed to partake of eternal life. That will be their punishment. Eternal burning is only something Satan could think up.

  30. Because you can'T kill and slaughter like the priests from Inquisition. And later expect to be forgiven. You will burn in Hell and there is no forgiveness. Do you really think you can do anything without punishment? Think again.

  31. There's nothing in the Bible that speaks of eternal damnation or hellfire.

    Why would a loving God treat his creations in such a vile manner no matter what they have done.

    His punishment to those who refuse to listen is that they won't share eternal life with him, that's the Hell that's been misinterpreted for centuries. Oblivion, but not suffering.

  32. This is all very true. Very Very true, what we "see, and hear" that is what is all fake, what they want you to think….Life…Living…in this type of society, with what is actuallly going on….is just a life led by lies and deciet, the matrix is here…and we are living in it. Crazy.

  33. I'm not sure about the answer to your specific question but all you really need to know is that most positions of power in this world (if not damn near all) are held by people who work for Satan and that even includes positions of power in the church.

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