NEW WORLD ORDER.THE DEVIL IN THE VATICAN!! pt29 The Jesuit/Illuminati sinking of the Titanic.



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  1. Now I know the use of "Hell" where the Fire never quench which I thought it was too cruel for humanity. But have mercy on this captain who followed the "Order" faithfully from his boss,"Jesuit". What a crime!!!! It doesn't sounds like crime of human but Demon.

    Oh, there are a couple mass murders in recent years which could be from "Jesuit"; one was 911 at NewYork Twin Tower took 3000 lives, the other one was a huge Tusnami in Fukushima Japan took over 20,000 lives in one day!!!! First one was

    done by suitecase size of Hydrogeon bombs had set into the building and detonated it and made it to look terroist attack. Second one was Fukushima earthquake was done by digging seabed of Japan inserted atomic bombs there(Chriistpher Steavens was involved in this job and was deleted later for

    working for them) and detonated conjunction with HAARP, the Weapon of Mass Destruction US proud of. Why this? They(CIA who maybe the followered of Jesuit) had threatened Japanese Prime minister for $760 billion after the attack!!!!!!!!!! FRB received it and they may have sent it to Jesuit. Wow!!! What

    a crime!!!!! I don't feel sorry if they fall into Hell Pit but praise God for His Justice!!!!!! But I want to see them suffering for it though. I believ there is a Justice system somewhere if not here on Earth.

  2. i wish people would get off of this vatican and jesuit crap. its total nonsense. i don't see any jesuits on wall street stealing my money. i sure don't see any jesuits in aipac. nor do i see any jesuit money being used to influence our congress. nor do i see our presidents going to rome and putting on a skull cap and praying at a roman wall and kneeling at a holohoax memorial in israhole. get real ………..

  3. God these crazy evangelic always defending the Jews now the NWO is made by Catholics?

    You idiots! the Vatican has been always fighting againt Free Masonery and all rhose groups… In fact, all the PROTESTANT leaders of the 19th Century where MASONS

    Btw, many Jesuits are converted or Marranos jews! just like Adam Weishaupt

  4. @countdumas Actually G. Edward Griffin is the world's foremost conspiracy researcher/lecturer/author. Eustace Mullins is the 2nd most of that type of position. Jordan Maxwell and Michael Tsarion are both dis-info people. Trusting either of those 2 people(Maxwell & Tsarion) is about as big of a mistake as trusting what Alex Jones says.

  5. @leonvoltaire Good points. In 1898, 14 YEARS before the Titanic sunk, a fictional novel written by Morgan Robertson called "Futility- The Wreck of the Titan" was the exact script of what would happen 14 years later. Even the Ships NAMES were the same! Was this a coincidence? (Twilight Zone music here) NO. The Elite have a code that they obey, which they obey. They Must hide things in PLAIN Sight! This Justifies their murders of STUPID people, who can't perceive the Master Race plan. Sick? YES!!!

  6. Christ is shackled by His enemies within His own church. We must ban together to free Him of His shackles and reclaim ourselves as His soverign children. These evil beings that have infaltrated His church want to destroy everything created by God. What better way to disguise an evil scheme than through His church.

  7. @countdumas yes, but that doesn't answer my question. going to the trouble of building such a ship seems a bit excessive to murder just three guys. surely shooting them would have been easier and cheaper. it makes no sense.

  8. why go to all the trouble to build this ship to kill someone? wouldnt it have been easier to have engineered a simpler and more surer death? there was no guarantee they would die on that boat. indeed many rich survived with the help of lifeboats. it doesn't seem to add up.

  9. From wiki: "Banker J. P. Morgan was scheduled to travel on the maiden voyage, but cancelled at the last minute."

    Like Larry Silverstein was scheduled to eat breakfast in the WTC on 9/11, but a dentist appointment "cancelled" that deal.

    These bastards likes to inherit the same dirty hints to be displayed to the few who can spot them!

  10. Too much a stretch of the imagination…Harland & Wolf was a hive of extreme orange order..totally against Catholics, there was a re-design of the Britannic when they revued the design of the Titanic, even with only these two things I would say there is never any way that this was organised by the Jesuits…or any other order or group

  11. What an absolute load of crap. This kind of post on You Tube demonstrates the depth to which man can sink; surely the Jesuits with all their power wouldn't need to spend so much money to invite people on board a ship and chance them being drowned….better to assasinate them like Lincoln surely…much cheaper and cleaner and less chance of misfortune….This is just shite

  12. was,nt much larger ?? lets see how they take over a iceberg with box cutters get real man. anybody who believes they sunk the titanic to assinate people. one huge flaw in that theory is if these wealthy men could have easily got on a lifeboat if they chose too.

  13. bullshit !!!!!!!!! some of this doc is plausible but putting this steaming turd of a theory takes the piss, and distracts from the real story of corruption at he vatican and all religous heirarchys in the world.

  14. gardiners theory is there was another ship that was sitting in the water with no lights waiting to be struck. just like 911 insurance was the back up plan.
    either way all bullshit aside

    BEFORE IT ENDS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. You'd have thought such powerful men would have got preference on a lifeboat yet as none survived it makes me wonder why?

    Perhaps women and children first and a more gentlemanly age decreed that they didn't. Interesting point, though.

  16. Surely there would have been easier ways to assassinate them other than to sink a ship.

    I'm not saying the Jesuits didn't target these men, I just don't know, but how could they be sure the Titanic would sink?

    Not impossible but a bit improbable.

  17. "the greatest tragedies in the last ;;;; years can be traced to the ;;;;;

    sorry. jesuits are just a *piece* of the puzzle.

    the greatest tragedies in the pst 1000 years can be traced to the "jesuits" as well as other characters.. (whom ALL work together)

    thanks for the great videos.

  18. I dont know this sounds abit far fetched, maybe a wee bit paranoid. not that i agree with the Catholics i beleive they are very hipocrital and definately care the devil on there backs. people have given them there souls for hundreds of years. it's time to take back your soul,heart, mind and your money.

  19. Taliban and Al Queda were both created by the CIA. Saddam Hussain was selling oil on the black market to Euroope at $8 per. World prices were at $11 per barrel, because of the gult of oil. The message is, "Don't mess with Texas", or the Saudi Oil prices either. With the Banker controlled oil barrons, now giving Iran the evil eye.

    You are right about the cost of lives, it is horrible. And is designed to boil into an even greater war. As America gets weaker, Russia $ China get stronger

  20. Great posts. There are those who said the same thing about America, during WW1 and during the Great Depression. But I look at it this way. Our Father in Heaven is in absolute control. All of this is for his purpose. Because without pain, no one turns to him, crying to be his alone, and begging to be saved.

  21. Evangelicals are 300 years old, and are not new. But just like most of the other Denominations they have been infiltrated by Jesuits, and Masonic orders. No longer do the leaders preach against the cult practices of the Vatican, they have adopted most of those practices. Easter, Christmas, baptism by sprinkling, are Bablyonian practices. That is why Revelaion calls all of those churches Babylon the Great.

  22. So Smith was ordered to commit suicide, taking his ship down and making sure none of these bankers survived.

    None of this is in the extensive survivor evidence from the sinking. Smith was in bed when it happened. He'd have to persuade someone to deliberately hit the iceberg and then ensure none of the targets got on a lifeboat.

    Not very probably and to be honest, a pretty stupid video really.

  23. Last note – Obama's #1 contributor to his campaign was ….. tada …. Goldman Sachs! Just in case anyone is deluded enough to believe we have a real president. We don't. We have a puppet and that is the way it has been since JFK (who repealed the FED, and was immediately killed so doing so). Johnson stopped the repeal 45 minutes after JFK was killed.

    Some blatant shit! But do Americans care? No. Too busy with nonsense and distractions. The USA itself is now sinking. Prepare.

  24. Unfortunately, they succeeded in killing the only wealthy families that would have resisted the parasitic Fed and the start of WWI and all the orchestrated wars afterward, inc. our current
    'wars' in Iraq and Afghanistan. All for the benefit of these banksters and their insatiable greed.

  25. Look at Obama's Cabinet and everyone around him. They are all CFR, ex-Goldman Sach's bankers, ex-Fed people. Wall St bankers have taken over completely in this year 2009. It took 97 years to completely gain control of the USA and turn us into a facist state.

    Makes you wonder what future history – 2009 – would be like right now if the banksters were exposed back then.

  26. This info has been documented by many. The FED had to be in place to control the money. Then Morgan and gangstas, created the CFR, and bought up the top newspapers to control our minds. Then Morgan and Rockefeller, created a new educational system in our schools. So the sheep are blind. All of the churches were infiltrated by the Jesuits to stop the attack on the Vatican. New Masonic Religions were created; Mormons, Jahova Witnesses, Scientology, Evangelicals, Carismatics. and more.

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