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  1. @Tooth4U
    andrew jackson almost got shot but he had eyes in the back of his head.

    he didnt want the fed.

    everyone elected official with any power who is against the fed or changing some things gets killed or warned

  2. @mustbeburtreynolds Well I am glad you gave me chance to get back on the TOPIC (In Caps here) This is a great documentary, and that is what we were discussing. Rome has been deeply involved in destroying the Republic of the United States. If you saw Robert Redford's film 'The Conspirator" Mary Surratt's priests were confronted by her attorney Fredrick Aiken, who told them that he knew they were hiding John Surratt, and his mother would hang if he didn't surrender. She swung as he predicted!

  3. @bheadh I really have no context provided by you on any question from John Chapter 6. Do you mean John Chapter 8? (which has the quote you used earlier about "he without sin casting the first stone") BTW, Bible is a Pronoun and should be capitalized, but enough nit picking here! Let me just say this, if you are attempting the shield and defend Rome and the RCC who is Mystery Babylon the Mother of Harlots, who have shed the blood of prophets and saints, you will share her eternal judgment of fire

  4. @WillSee11 I "might not" care about your "gieiving". Who do you think YOU are? You are no bible scholar and you certainly are not a historian. While you're quoting scripture,why don't you have a look at John Chapter 6 and see if you can explain that without being blasphemous. You have no right to judge or condemn ANYONE. Again, the example you used was taken out of context and used to judge someone else. Like I said before, your explainations say alot about you.

  5. What has been virtually unnoticed and rarely mentioned in our "history" of Booth and the assassination, was that John Wilkes Booth's calling card was found in Vice President Johnson' mailbox the very day of the Assassination. Booth knew Johnson, and in their photos, they BOTH use the same "hidden hand" gesture that Napoleon used. In April 1866, Johnson hosted war criminal and Rebel Gen. Albert Pike in the White House a Free Mason and Luciferian Mary Lincoln believed Johnson was party to Booth

  6. @bheadh The part about the GREATER DAMNATION is in the same chapter. Matthew Chapter 23. You might think that I am not grieved by the state of disunity in the church today, but I am. In the 23rd Chapter of Matthew, you find a scathing denouncement of the religious leaders of Christ's time, who He blamed for distorting the truth, mercy and Glory of God. This parallel is EXACT when looking at the RCC today. (and some others too) You judge them by their fruit, and WARN them as best you can!

  7. @WillSee11 Better not call your father, father with that logic…taken out of context, of course. It also says "avoid being called teachers..you have One Teacher…" your comic explaination says alot about you. Where did you pull the "the y shall recieve the GREATER DAMNATION" from? Alot of pre-judgement and hell-fire damnation in your rhetoric, guess you know better than God who's in and who's out of Heaven. Thanks for ignoring the unity question which is what my last statement was about.

  8. @Presenttruthministry Sorry to disagree, but the EXPANSION of slavery was the real cause. If any one had to object about "States Rights" it would be the North, being forced to fetch runaway slaves, and to allow wealthy slave owners the right to bring their slaves with them into free states. If you go back to the Lincoln/Douglas Debates, civil war was already raging in Kansas, arguments over the Mason Dixon line, the purchase of Liberia, you see the EXPANSION into NEW US Territories caused it.

  9. @bheadh What ever happened to what Jesus said about "Call NO MAN your (spiritual) Father?" Matt. 23;9 did not the Lord WARN us of these Wolves in sheep's clothing? Those who come in HIS name, and deceive Many? They shall receive the GREATER DAMNATION! The First STONE is being cast by Him without sin on this issue, Even popes have been assassinated by the black pope. The Jesuits murdered Lincoln and Kennedy. Jesuit priests constantly stayed at the Surratt boarding house in D.C. They hid John too!

  10. Y'all can demonize The Church all you want…in this life. You aren't going to be able to blame anyone but yourself when YOU are before the Throne Of Christ. No finger pointing there. What ever happened to Jesus fervent prayer during the last supper when He prayed to God that "they may be one as you and I are one"? Now we're 30'000 and countin'. If these really are the "end times" then Christians better stick together. "Whoever is without sin…cast the first stone"…

  11. ive been diggin & recently discovered that lincoln wanted to allow slavery to continue {likely with some kinda restrictions} but nevertheless he, by powers that dictated, had to include within the ammends after the civil war incorperating the release of all slaves….
    always heed those who win; delivery history > & must be damend good at their manipulation by passed on experience thru time…what we all find as info MUST be looked at as a possible tool to prompt a specific thought process

  12. The civil war was not started over the issue of slavery (although very noble issue); it was started over the issue of states rights vs federal government rights (the south wanted to succeed the union). It wasn't until near the end of the war that the prominent issue became slavery, thus securing the victory for the north. Up until that point the confederate rebels (rebelling against federal takeover of the union) was handily winning the war and on the verge of victory. It was a lose/lose war.

  13. is there any event in world history that did,nt involve a catholic/jesuit conspiracy ???? you would think this series was put together by some catholic hating protestant or am i mistaking, and a jesuit lackie with a sinister agenda to destroy protestantism lol some of this would make reverand ian paisley blush

  14. It seems there's four kinds of blame them videos on YouTube. a) those that blame the Jews for everything; b) those that blame the Islams for everything; c) those that blame the catholics for everything; d) those that blame the Germans for everything.

    Am I the only one confused?

  15. The pure definition of anti christ is that they do not follow the true teaching of Christ. As I said Lincoln did not believe in Jesus. Like all high level Freemsons he believes in Lucifer as the true God, Yahweh was the evil one accoridng to Masonic doctrine. If you want references, you don't have do dig too hard. Study Albert Pike, the Supreme Pubah of the time in Masonry, who wrote Morals and Dogma

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