In another SMOKING GUN VIDEO Newt Gingrich admits you have to be a part of some clubs and secret societies and go through some initiation rites to be president!

This video shows the truth about Newt Gingrich and the secret societies as in the Bohemian Grove which he has atended and the Jesuits and the Illluminati! And rips on Donald Trump for not being a part of some of his clubs!! Yet Trump is connect to some secret societies!!!


21 Replies to “Newt Gingrich to be president TRUMP needs to be a part of the secret societies and initiation rites!”

  1. As the truth is being unveiled at this time, I thank the Lord for offering some the strength to search and accept the truth. As the old saying goes, the truth is stranger than fiction. It is so deceptive and wicked. Come quickly Yeshua !!!!

  2. This is it my friends trump is to keep the sheep calm to say look were going to fix everything you all just go back to sleep Mean while the occult is in its final stage to set up the nwo this is it my friends

  3. Ya I noticed he always throws up one finger but didn't realize it was the El diablo hand salute and I seen him throw the "666" in those debates. But it says in the Bible to pray for our leaders so they will do the right thing. They may not be perfect but they are still put there by God to lead the nation(s).

  4. yeshua is the Jews curse word name for Jesus Christ. Just say Jesus Christ instead brother bc Jews get a laugh out of the gentiles believing that Israel is part of anything holy. Brother Nathanael taught us that look him up, he's a Jewish guy who grew up with Rabbis and teachers telling him he wasn't allowed to study Christianity.

  5. The Establishment does not want Trump because he has not been initiated into the secret club then you went on to show quite a few pictures show us who was still failed to see Trump in any of them! Maybe we should pray for Trump that the Lord will guide him to help our nation. Will don't have a lot to chose from these days!! I understand he doesn't drink do drugs or smoke and encourage his kids to do the same. He is not a homosexual, Maybe Jesus has something he can work with here . Someone will be running our Country again soon. I think for right now Trump is looking like the better choice , I will be praying for Trump that the Lord can use him in a positive way for our nation and I encourage others to pray for our country cause we are in deep trouble,, may God Bless and heal our Country!!

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