Nia ~ Pete Belasco…

NOTE to Musicians,..Artists..&..Recording Companies:..This fan made music video was uploaded for recreational listening pleasure only,..if you have any objections..&..wish to have your music removed from my channel,..then please send me a private message..&..I will remove it immediately.


37 Replies to “Nia ~ Pete Belasco…”

  1. Hello Mr. Peter Balasco,.I love your music, and I am a singer and keyboard player, and I write my own songs, and I reach out to you for your help in pursuing my musical dream, just as you already have done. Will you allow your heart to reach out to me, I need your help, will you help me?

  2. Very smooth and eloquent sound, a car can say alot about a person, especially a women(since ladies are for many reasons great masterpiece/design), and the car appears to coform with the music too. What kinda vehicle is it though?

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