31 Replies to “Nigeria – Egwu Ikebe – Igbo Tribe Booty Dance”

  1. I am enjoying your comments and my best is from those negetive ones..thanx for your critics and dont stop critisizing…..Jesus Christ was critisized and neild on the cross by his peaple and he still love them….I will keep improving but ask yourself a quastion before going loud…One Love

  2. I totally agree, there is nothing wrong with this music. Even in UK and USA, they celebrate Haloween which can be described as nothing but evil. If dont live the music then live. Igbo is not an extension of the church

  3. why are some acting so holy. Every culture has high brow, common, as well as what could be seen as vulgar elements in it. Igbo culture has nothing to do with Christian religion. If you don't like the song, that is one thing. No problem. But don't dismiss it is non Igbo. If its not Igbo, then tell me what is it?!!
    The western culture that you love so much has elements that would make you hide your head in the sand, if this little video is causing you so much embarrassment!

  4. This is nothing but a display of immorality, profligate depravity. It is dishonorable to a people, low and putrid. Actions and words project thoughts which influences character in individuals and the society. A people who allow their moral standards to degenerate will certainly bear its bitter consequences. This must be resisted and rejected for the sake of the truth and our children.

  5. fuck u. they did not copy. they shake their ass while dancing but not all. ok? imo state shake their ass while dancing. by the way, even if they copy, they dance it better than u yoruba or what ever. rubish

  6. Kenslay abi ki lo pe 'ra e? She kii se wipe ori e ti baje bayi? You dont even have the tiniest understanding of humour. Anyway, the wise will see and laugh and their lots increaseth; but out of the mouth of the fool cometh nothing but viles because he lacketh the wisdom to comprehend. I dont blame you aburo! Sugbon sha, abo oro l'a nwi fun omoluabi, ti o ba de 'nu re a di odindi. Therefore make room for wisdom in your abode. No hating!!

  7. Copying foreign cultures that exalt immorality must be rejected. We cannot find favor before Chineke if we go this perverse direction. We must consider our faith and fate and that of our children. A human being may naturally be prone to sin but there are consequences to sin and rewards to righteousness.

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