No Time for Milk. Pope Francis is a Jesuit? Come out of 501c3, Sodomy. Need to discern the Time

“If those who have been in the church for weeks and months have not learned the straightness of the way, and what it is to be Christians, and cannot hear all the straight truths of the Word of God, it were better that they were cut off from Israel. It is too late in the day to feed with milk. If souls a month or two old in the truth, who are about to enter the time of trouble such as never was, cannot hear all the straight truth, or endure the strong meat of the straightness of the way, how will they stand in the day of battle? Truths that we have been years learning must be learned in a few months by those who now embrace the Third Angel’s Message.” {1MR 33.4}


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  1. If viewers want evidence of the sickening and evil (and almost unbelievable) latest revelations about the Papacy, go to CAR – Child Abuse Recovery website.  You won't believe what is now being revealed here.  Is this perhaps why there are so many baby and child kidnappings today?

  2. Thank you for preaching it AS IT IS, and for giving the trumpet a certain sound of warning.  We all – including me myself – are complacent, backslidden and in need of the Lord's help to make us ready.  May He grant us His Holy Spirit to enable us to wake up and to overcome.

  3. Sin is the transgression of God's law homosexuality just like eating unclean meat is an abomination…there is a difference between what God acknowledges as sin and what he acknowledges as an abomination…Leviticus 18 highlights what is abominable in the sight of God and homosexuality is on the list Lev. 18:22

  4. All churches are a 501-C3 status…..all churches will join hands with the papacy.  September could very well be when the pope=666=National Sunday law!  Get ready….only a few minutes to midnight.

  5. i just wanted to say thanks a friends referred me to you on one of your vids 
    keep up the great work 
    i would like the info to confirm about the guy that created  5013c to restrict  churches freedom

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