Noise of Thunder Radio – Climate Change & The New World Order #jesuits #depopulation

Chris discusses the subject of climate change and the globalist agenda. Leonardo DiCaprio went out of his way to mention it at the Oscars, after an earlier meeting with the Pope in Rome on the issue. President Obama maintains that climate change is the “number one threat” to our national security. Meanwhile, in Australia, a former advisor to PM Tony Abbott (who was ousted by a leftist coup within his own government) has argued that climate change is a “hoax” created by the United Nations as part of a “secret plot” to undermine democratic governments and establish a “new world order.” The U.N. climate chief, Christiana Figueres is on record saying that democracy is a poor political system to combat global warming, and that Communist China provides a better model.
#communism #jesuits #depopulation


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