North Korea WARNED: Donald Trump ‘is NOT here to play’ – Kim Jong-un MUST stop WW3 threat.

NORTH KOREA’s aggressive stance toward the international community could soon push the United States to unleash a harsh military intervention. North Korea has been fueling World War 3 fears by refusing to heed calls to shut down its nuclear development programme.

Gunnery Sergeant Jessie Jane Duff said President Donald Trump had proved the US would be ready to strike Kim Jong-un if his threats persisted.

She said: “The United States has demonstrated to North Korea that we are not playing anymore. “President Trump, basically with his last tweet we all saw, stated: ‘You wanna play games? Well, guess what: my game board is bigger than yours.’ In the military that is kind of stating to you enemies that all bets are off.”

North Korea has refused to give up developing its military arsenal despite the UN decision to hit the rogue state with a new series of sanctions targeting Pyongyang’s economy and trade.

Gunnery Sergeant Duff said the United States was ready to intervene to force Kim into negotiating a peace treaty with South Korea – resolving a nearly 65 year-long stalemate.

And she claimed sanctions had finally begun to show results, seemingly affecting North Korea’s military capability by reducing food reserves. Speaking to Fox Business, the Gunnery Sargeant continued: “We are not here to play around while Kim tries to take over the entire peninsula. Which has been North Korea’s entire goal.

“But finally the sanctions have worked. They are going to have to negotiate.

“People have to recognise that he has the fourth largest army in the world, however, we don’t know how much nutrition they have because they are literally being allowed to take leave to forage food. The sanctions have impacted his own army significantly.”


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