They start WARS then Finance Each Side, see RothsChild PHONY REPTILE BANKER Jews could care less about the REAL JEWS, Rockefellers Furnished HITLER with His GAS & OIL During WW11 ILLUMINATI Crypto Jews they also started in 1526 & still Control JESUITS Reptile JESUITS Rather have SEX with Little Boys like SODOM & GOMORRAH see cashkelesh channel, & Ex JESUIT Alberto Rivera He told of a SECRET GROUP Controlling the JESUITS see VATICAN ASSASSINS,

Winston Churchill stayed a lot at the White House, Churchill was a Phony Reptile NACKHASH =Deceiver Jew, see Dr Bertrand L Comparet, see Film Ritual Sacrafice,

see how they stole American Money system see Film FIAT EMPIRE

George Washington Refused to sit in MASONIC LODGE with Reptile ILLUMINATI, Reptiles, Gray Aliens, Demonic Spirits , Captain MORGAN as MASON was Murdered because He Revealed the ILLUMINATI was taking over MASONRY in America,

They have UN-BORN Babies Drugged in AMERICA with RAT POISON that what Fluoride is, see 10,000 Professionals & EPA workers warning us at one site Films at,

CLeAN out BRAIN with MAGNESIUM & Amino Acid see SCIENTIST on you tube georgeeby,

REPTILE BANKER PHONY JEWS built the Concentration Camps in Germany, Russia, see 825 FEMA CAMPS in AMERICA see film CAMP FEMA, see Martial Law, REX-84 & Operation Garden Plot,


43 Replies to “NWO Google BLACK NOBiLITY they are behind JESUITS, ZIONIST, CFR, ADL, KKK, AIPAC”

  1. Chamberlain and Hitler had agreed that Checoslovakia was to be the last annexed country by Germany. I think the UK was suffering from the Great Depression, otherwise would have declared war on Germany earlier. But Hitler invaded another country, which forced the WW2. Churchill come to power when the WW2 already started, if I recall right, because of the fall of Norway. Was Hitler insane? Or intellectually challenged, since he didn't finish high school? Or maybe controlled by the same people that financed the communists in Russia and, by some sources, control the US and UK, while using common Jews as scapegoats. Out of WW2, there is the UN, Israel, EU, NATO, etc. All that by accident? And for some reasons, maybe not humanitarian, the Vatican rat lines allowed many Nazi's to escape to South America.

  2.                                       TRUTH
    Keep cool as you can. Face piles and piles of trials with smiles.
    It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave, and
    Keep On Thinking Free!
    – The Moody Blues

  3. History can be very confusing … and so it should be said that Not All Jews are bad Jews. Only those who are of the Zionist movement, who are for the most part Ashkenazim-European Jews, who history and DNA goes back to the land of the Khazarian's. Of which aren't Semites. It is been said Hitler himself was of this clan, being his real father was a Rothschild, who impregnated one his chambermaids in Austria. Understand that all wars are created and fought for those who bankroll them

  4. All Religions are of the DEVIL see BILL DONAHUE Hidden Meanings in the Bible

    I have the Oldest Christians Bibles, the Explanations we have received are TOTALLY WRONG,

    JeSUS took the Best of BUDDA, ISIS OSIRIS HORUS, Mithra, Tao Te Ching ,Astronomy, etc He Give us the BEST of EACH

    Again see BILL DONAHUE Video He is the Only one I have Found that Knows the HIDDEN MEANINGS

  5. Hey.. heyy.. the catholic church is not jewish? Whole christendom is based on the thora.. ever asked yourself what was the political influence that brought the thora into the bible? hm? bull shit? Geory Boy is a scull&bones man, Rumsfeld&Chainy r jews.. think about it.

  6. parasites…. theyll always be parasites.. banksters,gangsters,financial terrorists! like rats in the media,hollywood has helped wioth their own brethren in power to sell their lies! 104countries saw their rat like ways and threw thm out! dual citizens in the u.s goverment! Aipac their manipulation hand in picking their puppets not to mention Goldman sachs! 6million my ass! jewish research itself has shown the truth of the myth..fathers of communism and bolsheivik revoltuion killed 25mill!

  7. Some about 33% of german war machine (industry) was in Jews hands. They have no problem with so called holocaust.
    150 000 Wermacht soldiers were Jews, 29 generals (1 Admiral included).
    In fact Hitler has killed most of Jews, usually poor, honest and hard working (here I'm writing about what I've heard from my grand parents ).
    And one very important thing:
    Most of Jews did not want accept Palestine as a Jews country (Israel).

  8. Listen to the Szymon Peres about Polish property : /watch?v=c9vWwVr8Zd0

    About crimes from the past. Have you heard about Katyń? Try to find and translate what Izrael Szamir (Russian Jew) has siad about that. He has addmited that Jews had morded Poilsh Officers. Search and translate "Rozdrapywanie starych ran: Katyń w oczach wrogów Imperium Obłudy Izrael Szamir (Tel Aviv) i Marek Głogoczowski (Kraków)".

  9. Its cute you think making fun of a screen name I made up when I was 13 somehow offends me, dumb shit. Oh, and deranged rantings…..find the caps lock button please, press the button once and then TEAR IT OFF AND THROW IT AWAY, NO ONE TAKES ANYTHING SERIOUSLY WHEN YOU TYPE LIKE THIS, AND IT DOESNT IMPRESS ANYONE. Neo-nazis are fucking adorable when they attempt to use common sense, not realizing that part of their brain has long since stopped functioning. You must get a lot of headaches.

  10. CONTINUED #2 Jesus your Father is the Devil

    MURDERED JESUIT ALBERTO RIVERA, trained people how to Infiltrate other Religions

    His wife was offered 1,Million Dollars by the JESUITS to Sign a Statement He was Off in the Head

    JESUITS have MURDERED 3 of the MAIN POPES that tried to DISSOLVE them, JESUITS have Helped MURDER 6 American Presidents

    John Wilks Booth & the other 7 Conspirators were Connected to the Catholic's

    Financed with Money from the Bank of CANADA traced back to the


  11. JESUS told the JEWS their FATHER was the DEVIL


    Their are 28 JESUIT Univ in America I think most send out around 1000 each year to INFILTRATE Other RELIGIONS they Boast they CONTROL them All. Their Training leaves them DEMONICALLY POSSESSED



  12. My Best FRIEND was the Honorable MURRAY SENTNER, the KEY NOTE SPEAKER at the DEDICAtION of the HOLOCAUST MUSEUM in DC, He could Speak Eleven Languages, Read and Write 4 Letter Perfect.

    Had 6 Masters 1 PHD, this was Very Little to what He really Had, He was like a Walking Library

  13. I think its fairly simple – by May 1945, the Allies were so war weary and the US had to turn its undivided attention to ending the Pacific war that few in the high command thought it was worth it. If the US had done as Patton wanted to and stayed to "finish off the Russians" it would have cost millions of more lives on both sides, and what would have been left of Eastern Europe after that anyway? Patton was a hero, but he was also a glory hound who put men in unnecessary danger too many times.

  14. and just for shits and giggles, explain to me what the Jews did to cause the Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, and every Native American tribe prior to the French and Indian war to have no problem at all slaughtering one another in endless war. THAT will be funny.

  15. Oh and Babylon, Assyrian Empire, the Persians, the Greeks, the Macedonians under Alexander the Great, Egypt, India, China (please show me how the Jews have caused those wars), the Mongolian Empire 'Golden Horde', the Frankish Empire under Charlemagne……try taking a fucking history class that doesnt involve creationism, tool.

  16. This whole 'Jews are Lizard-people that finance human wars' thing (I need say nothing about the actual theory itself) just ignores the fact that before there was the banks, there was STILL senseless war and savagery. Humans will find anything to fight about, thats pretty much it. If its not money, religion, politics, civil liberties and rights, property, liberation, imperialistic reasoning then people will shoot each other over who stole a chicken. Its all the same, Jews or not.

  17. This video is progermanic. Germans killed many Poles in this war. "They want only their territories back…blablabla…" Yea ! So they make a pact with Stalin and took polish territories. Jews are jews, but this explain why they started war is riddicoulous. Hitler realised Drang nach Osten.

  18. @WulfBand Thank you for your insight

    I think see cashkelesh channel at the end of his film, He provides Proof CRYPTO JEWS Illuminated Ones started the JESUITS in 1526, in 1540 they started Swearing a Oath in fornt of SKULL & BONES that matches THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION, a blue print How to takeover the World


    EX-JESUIT Alberto Rivera said a SECRET GROUP Controlled the JESUITS, I think this Group is the JEWS

  19. @deadadelta This is because Adam Weishaupt was actually a Satanic Worshiping Jew & former Jesuit. The Jesuits prior to AW had been Excommunicated from the Catholic Church because of their belief that Lucifer was God.
    AW infiltrated the Church & the Masons & formed the Illuminati.
    Now the Catholic Church is run by Black Pope who is a Jewish Luciferian.
    This is the Triangle of Terror,
    the Catholic Church, the Jews &
    the Key Stone is the Royal Family of England who are also Jewish Luciferians.

  20. @Fonyod2008

    It has nothing to do with any NWO, Freemason, jewish or whatever conspiracy, it is a question of common sense.

    *You can't spend more than you earn*

    As long as people don't realize this, as long as they keep punishing the able while rewarding the incompetent, the economy will become worse. The economy is not a zero sum game.

    If the US elect a Tea Partier and cut spending they will recover.

    Same would go for Germany, although those morons are way too socialist already

  21. Patton got what he deserved

    Observe how the great German Reich was defeated. Just like ancient Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Rome, the Crusaders, the Arab League, the Soviet Union… all who harmed or mistreated Jews were destroyed. Even the EU, who have supported the Palestinians are in the process of breaking apart and that muslim traitor Obama will be a one term president.

    India and China treat their Jews well, they are on the road to prosperity. The US will elect a republican and recover

  22. Its in the CONTRESSIONAL RECOrD, Jesuit Oath 1540 tells them how to Infiltrate Religions & Governments its Matches the THE PROTOCOLS ELDERS of ZION

    Its in the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD Professor Harry f Ward a METHODIST Minister agree to Help ROCKEFELLER Destroy America & Turn it into COMMUNISM

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