How the Jesuits run the world via NWO puppets.
Explained in detail by the Jesuits themselves in a Fax sent to UK Prime Minister David Cameron.
Mr Cameron received his short alternate history lesson via fax a from the Jesuit Court of
Record, as a means of breaking to him gently his new position as Chief Prosecutor of the new Satanic Roman empire (NWO).
All be it with a Jesuit librarians arm rammed up his backside, library dude must have extraordinary long arms, longer than Mr Tickle even.
Still it’s an improvement on Cameron fu**ing pigs I suppose.

NWO documents sent to the Queen of England, Vatican, Pope, Obama, David Cameron, Putin & many more besides.
Obtained from the website server of the Court of Record & his idiot friends, who somehow forgot to record the bit about encryption.



Christmas message @Vatican Jesuits cc #NWO

NWO Un Gruppo Di Jesuit all’uffcio informazioni.
Indice dei nomi, documenti finita.
Fuk dei NWO!

Love ya not.
Have a really crap Christmas & enjoy your total destruction in the new year.
Non peace arsewipes.


3 Replies to “#NWO: UK PM David Cameron (Jesuits run the world via NWO puppets)”

  1. From this content of this one document alone I could probably squeeze out half a dozen videos, but seeing as though I've only had time to briefly glance over a few I'm not going to be able to indulge myself.
    Ideally I'd like to be producing detailed videos & breaking these documents down with you guys & if I get the opportunity to do so I will, I have to be honest with both myself & you guys though & very doubt it will ever happen.
    With so many things developing & coming to a head at such a rapid pace now this will be old news before even half this stuff gets archived.

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