President Obama appoints a Jesuit Priest to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom!!!

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40 Replies to “OBAMA HIRES JESUIT!”

  1. we don't live in America anymore we now live in obamanation… we live in a society where rebelliousness against God is now acceptable… we live in a society where iniquity is permitted while our freedom is illegal… we live in a country where your beliefs are perceived as extremism and could become prosecuted…. we live in a place where you are what you say and see… we live in a world where cancer and HIV cures god given us are FDA blacklist… I had a dream oboma changed for the good but as years progressed he's still ruining our country.

  2. Amen and Amen cousin let us all fear and obey Our Father YAHWEH ando our King of Kings YASHUA before it is to late, I dont know about you but I want to go with my Father my creator,back to my home he has promised us and its all free if only we Obey his commandments and turn to his ways…. cos here in this world nothing is free. Only he is willing to give us everything free

  3. I'd share this video if it weren't for the man in the intro, I couldn't get passed 30 sec. Not saying I'm a snob, but we really don't need the woozier woo woo woo, can't we keep it on a more intellectual level. My friends already think I'm a conspiracy nut.

  4. Now I like tha broke down of this study !!
    ( very good research my brother!! BECAUSE THA GOVERNMENT AND CITIZENS OF AMERICA HIS MADE THEIR CHOICE ( u disregard tha SABBATH DAY
    U accept homosexuals in ur church_ read ( Leviticus) u mark ur bodies, worship idols and has become a nation of many religion and gods!!

  5. Time to impeach that madman! What is he doing forming a religious committee for any reason? Wrong, wrong , wrong!!!!!! Separation of Government and religion. Take my word, there has something already been decided and Omaba will lead the Governance and the the Pope the head of religion. Yikes…….

  6. The USA has already formed an image to Rome when she codified her liturgy into federal law! Xmas, Jan 1 etc are rcc liturgy and usa federal public holidays since at least 1983. 5 usc 6103…sunday is the standard for their observances. The usa performs 'miracles', makes ceremonial proclamations, with annual xmas tree lighting and easter egg hunts on the WH lawn…

  7. So those Protestant white men you say were persecuted by Jesuits made slaves of your ancestors, so you wouldn't trust white men of today. That is what you are saying we do with today's catholics. Dumb argument. With Muslims at our door steps with a new islam word order agenda we still are fighting the reformation. Please put your energy towards better things.

  8. The Bible is correct in everything it says. How anyone can  call priests evil I don't understand. One day the veil will be lifted from your eyes and you will see that The Catholic church is the fullness of God's love. not any of the protestant denominations.

  9. what else would you expect from a Muslim president and card holding NWO puppet. bring down the USA as after the great babylon falls [ USA ] the USA is no longer a world power. lack of proof in revelations of the USA being a power at the time Christ returns.

  10. The truth is, that "Jesus" is the false "christ" which the "Jesu'ites" are promoting! Jesu'ites are Edomites! ESU = Edom! The true messiah is the "hebrew" / "jew" who 2000 years ago came in the name of his / our father Yahweh! The true name of mashiach / messiah is Yahushua, which in hebrew means 'Yahweh saves'!!! Yahushua ha mashiach said: "I am come in the name of my father (> Yahweh) but you receive me not! If another comes (> JESUS = english, JESU = german, GESU = italian) in his own name (> ESU / ESaU) him you will receive!"

  11. Reason & evidence are meaningless with biblethumping crackpots.''Bible says'' is not exactly a constructive argument.Any debate is pointless /impossible, especially when batshit crazy claims that other denominations are evil,satanic.
    Catholics killed protestants just as protestants killed catholics They both use to do the killing -in the past !! Your fear mongering is counterproductive,hateful divisive message is unreasonable &harmful.
    US is NOT a result of the protestant reformation! Secular constitution is all about neutrality -equality -freedom for all religions

  12. So this is worse than having a catholic president?
    I'm pretty sure that atheist or muslim would also be like ''lions advocating veganism'' What about a mormon? or any other denomination? I guess it must be your brand of christianity…taking care of religious freedom of other people

  13. “When Protestantism shall stretch her hand across the gulf to grasp the hand of the Roman power, when she shall reach over the abyss to clasp hands with spiritualism, when, under the influence of this threefold union, our country shall repudiate every principle of its Constitution as a Protestant and republican government, and shall make provision for the propagation of papal falsehoods and delusions, then we may know that the time has come for the marvelous working of Satan and that the end is near.” (E.White, Testimonies Vol.5, p.451)

  14. Obama has appointed many of terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood to his cabinet as well as several Jesuits. Jesuits are no friend to any Christian. The call by the Pope for unity is one of greatest deceptions of all time. The reformation of the church will never end. Obama is an enemy to all Christians.

  15. You all do realize catholics were the original christians and claim Peter as the 1st pope? The level of biblical ignorance most "christians" have is amazing. It's all fairytales anyways. this guy is a moron. he preaches because religion is the easiest way to separate rubes from their $$$$$

  16. Thank you my brother, I needed that. For everyone else that saw this, what will you do with this info? Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of His judgment has come! Obey His commandments, love one another, and reach as many as you can my brothers and sisters.

  17. Thank you my brother, I needed that. For everyone else that saw this, what will you do with this info? Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of His judgment has come! Obey His commandments, love one another, and reach as many as you can my brothers and sisters.

  18. Which God are you talking about?…….. the Most High Creator has a name & he does not want us to bring his name to naught or make it baseless or worthless or use it in vain……. Clue? HalleluYAH!!

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