Edifying Others documents Obama’s Roman Catholic upbringing here.

All Roman Catholics.

Obama is a fake Muslim that acts so good as crisis actor in the white house, that many are deceived into thinking his acting as a Muslim is real. But the truth comes out. This video documents and the one above document it.


4 Replies to “Obama Invokes His Mason Jesuit Pope At His 2016 State of the Union Address”

  1. I got so angry watching his speech full of nothing but lies. His useful idiots clapping every 5 seconds was incredibly annoying. I couldn't even watch the full state of union. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work in exposing all these frauds and evil doers. May Jesus bless you:)

  2. Excellent video. Straight off he does the benediction sign with the two fingers pointing up and other two touching the palm we see in Christian art and of course freemasonry and the Popes of Rome. He does a slick NLP incorporation of this gesture with this countdown (1,2,3,4) later in the video. What a mocker and deceiver. Thinks he's slick there (ha) with all his magic finger tricks! He's pretty cheeky with his double entendre NLP but he ain't foolin' anybody! Even the Obama phone lady knows!! FRAUD AT LARGE! He shows throughout this video his loyalty to the RCC. Imposter-Puppet Obama is our Jesuit Masonic Jesuit proxy mind control slave proxy president. SLAVE TO THE REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE! What a bunch of bunk! ALL LIES AND DECEIT! What a sham! Capitol Hill is FILLED with poison and bears the bad fruit of Mystery Babylon!

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