Obama to Bow and Greet Jesuit Pope Francis at His Plane On September 22nd

When Pope Francis arrives in the United States, he will get an airport welcome that few world leaders have ever received: a plane-side greeting from President Barack Obama.
The extraordinary gesture on September 22 is just the beginning of the pomp and protocol that Washington will put on display to welcome the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics and the head of Vatican City on his first U.S. visit.
The next day, Francis will be just the third pope to visit the White House, being greeted as most heads of state are, with his car pulling slowly up the South Lawn’s driveway to the spot where a red carpet will be rolled out and Obama and his wife, Michelle, will be waiting.

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  1. Why is no one mentioning that Pope Francis is not actually the Pope? The sign of the real Pope is the gold ring of the fishermen. It is the one TRUE sign of the Pope. And Pope Francis wears a silver ring. (it's obvious in the many pictures of Francis) So that mean that Pope Ratzinger is still the real Pope. When the prior Pope dies or in this case steps down the ring of the fishermen is supposed to be destroyed and that metal is used to make the next Popes ring. But that has not happened in this case. So regardless of what everyone calls this man he is NOT Pope! Which when you take into account all the recent declarations Francis has made those cannot be taken as coming from the Pope. Please don't use my name if you refer to this post. Love your videos and I watch every day. But I no longer am notified when you have a new video up. which you are probably aware of since I doubt I am not the only one with this problem. Peace.

  2. Evidently there was a 14 year old kid who was arrested in a plot to kill the Pope when he arrives. from what i remember reading about it the Feds found several firearms,money,bomb making material and plenty of evidence linking him to IsIs. New York is far from the walls of sanctity that the Vatican provides and without the Swiss Royal guard to protect him. I will not be there,.I do not like population centers as large as New York, because anything can happen. anyone aside from me getting bad vibes about his visit?

  3. Well I hope after so much YT vids like more then 1000 copies of the anti christ and false prophet brainwashing content on YT, someone REALLY is going to kill the pope. I hope no one will attempt this, new YT channels sprouts out every day suggesting that the pope is the false prophet and Obama the anti christ. I hope there isn't someone who is losing their sanity and do something terrible. seems to me the elite are losing their battles of what is coming and what is REALLY happening…peace ya'll be safe and pray to jesus.

  4. Obama is descended from Ham. Ham was the ancestor of North Africans. Cush, the descendant of Ham was the ancestor of Ethiopians. Kenya – where Obama is from – is close to Ethiopia. Nimrod was a descendant of Cush and he was the first Antichrist figure that united men against God. Obama might be descended from Nimrod. Some speculate Obama to be a resurrected Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten (also Hamitic, for Egyptians are Hamitic). Akhenaten promoted monotheism by elevating the sun god (Nimrod) above all other gods. He was also a hermaphrodite. Obama the Muslim worships Allah the moon god. The elite always have balance of opposites but they really control both sides. Most North African Hamites are Y-haplo E. Many prominent people were haplo E such as Napoleon, Einstein, and Hitler.

  5. He's a puppet to his handlers being the Jesuit order headed by the black pope. worth looking into the the black pope being at the top of the pyramid of world wide power. funny how people think the jews runs the world – not even close. All but one of your high court judges are jesuits, all your top 28 colleges run by jesuits. The jewish elite are just a smoke screen to the Jesuit order.

  6. This is the Bride Mary mother Yahsuah Messiah and also pregnant women from the Holy Ghost it's a gift from God, I believe Yahsuah Messiah is the only way to reach the problem with have in this world, I feel you pain but I am berry tire to accused the Catholic religions believe, .The Bride of Yahsuah Messiah also reincarnated to this world, Christian religions believe not have eny respect for Yahsuah Messiah, because if you think I am here in this Country, and pregnant I believe Yahsuah Messiah have a plan for this Country and his wife in this Country, meditation Quickly my dear friend, Do not worry about your are good children of God, you not have eny worry about for you self , if you think you are wrong in the eyes of Yahweh REPENT and pray for forgiveness and salvation mercy to Yahsuah Messiah.
    The Bride of Yahsuah Messiah, God bless all you people , and also for those soul living in the darkness.

  7. Nathing happen this September 23, I believe Yahsuah Messiah is in control for every thing in this world, and United States Kigdow. What Roman Catholic Cathedral doing is bring the subject of the Lord God caming soon and Obama needs to finish what he promised to do, because he is the peace make it the world darkness .
    Obviously Mr President Obama is ♡ to the world, and puri soon my dear brother in Christ, and also people in brother slim world to, I believe my dear friend President Obama need to wake up and repent to Yahsuah Messiah, because Yahsuah Messiah still love you ,.
    Obama Barack have a purpose to wake up and obey to God because Yahsuah Messiah God shooss President Obama to bring peace in the Nation of USA, ? I would like to tell you why, because he is the only can understand the importance be used for God to fulfill the Holy Bible prohecy, ,and also he understood the Bride Maryann mother Yahsuah Messiah and also my dear brother in Christ, please pray for, president Obama, and Pope France this is massage from Jesuchristo, Yahsuah Messiah.
    President Obama has been working with the Illuminated people, but is temporarily out right now my dear friend lucifer is time to fle, and find out the door to the gate directly to hell, I Rebuke you Lucifer and sand to the lake of hell, and I covered President Obama wit the blood of Yahsuah Messiah, and I cover the White house with I blocked the four corners, South, West, East and North America's, South Africa East Coast, Western United Kingdom,, and Middle East, European, ,Palestinian, Russia, Israel and the rest of the world darkness I covered with the precious Blood of Yahsuah Messiah die in the cross crossfire for the people Sin and also to embrace all humanity in the body of Christ.
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