Obama’s Gradual TRANSITION TO POWER IMAGE of Beast Antichrist Is ESTABLISHED

As the beast Unleashes his plans for the world, several events emerges. It won’t be too long before we all witness the arrival of the son of perdition.
Don’t panic, watch and pray always.
Prepare yourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.
May God help us through these turbulent times. God bles you all!

leave your throughts regarding this video, we can all learn together. Watch and pray always. May God

bless you!

“Some of the content in this video are derived form multiple sources and they are included under

“Fair use” (i combined multiple clips to create this content)

When you are very considerate of the “New world order” system, then you are more likely to speculate

some certain issues with the world we live in. It seems like “Martial Law” is more likely to take

place very soon. There are also some speculation regarding “Fema camps” and the use of “HAARP” to

control the mass in a very nefarious way. “CERN is also a big consideration and “Project Blue beam”

will also be used to deceive many people ablut the “fake ufo’s”. tHE “FREEMASON” also tend to

bather together to perform their evil deeds while the “illuminati” which are forever known as the

most powewrful “occultic group” in the world are also contributing to their “NWO” agenda through

serveral means, some of them are “MK ULtra” Its also crucial to understand that “9/11 was an inside

job” and also that the “federal reserve” is the BIGGEST scam in US History and the world History.

Poeple often ask these questions what is “Mass media and Mind control, Agenda 21 HAARP Georgiaa

Guidstones Project Bl;ue Beam Codex Alimentarius EMF’s project “Garden Plot” “Chemtrails” Fluoride &

Aspartame side effects The Anglo Saxon Mission Sinkholes CERN Cannabis Oil Vitamin B17 “Freemasons”

NWO Illuminati Project Avaion MK Ultra Monarch Programming Club of Rome Monsanto Jesuit Order Black

Pope Kabbalah Fake UFO’s Denver “airport Murals” “Skull & Bones” “911 Attacks” “13 illuminati”

“Bloodlines” “The federal Reserve” “Rothschild” “Rockerfellas” “Soros Kissinger.”

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