Occult Cryptocurrency 1.0 – Genesis 3:22, Templars, Knights of Malta & the Royal Family

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Here we talk about the esoteric etymology and Occult associations to the word “cryptocurrency” and how it relates to concepts in secret societies such as Skull and Bones and the Knights Templar. We talk about the Templars history in relationship to paper money and some numerology associations to their legacy. We talk about bit about the concepts of ‘Magick’ and look closer at the Royal Family’s connection to the Knights of Malta, cryptocurrency and more.

**Correction: The Knights Kadosh chapter of Morals and Dogma is Chapter 30, not 25; it still begins on page 814.


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  1. i keep giving you a chance, because you are obviously well studied in the occult 'propaganda'…or as you know, 'exoteric' understanding…
    they don't tell their secrets. so you don't know what they are…
    what we know is, they believe THEY ARE GOD, as genesis 3:22 confirms…
    i think you are chasing red herrings with 'transhumanism', since these people are 'humanists' par excelance!
    their highest goal…their 'great work' is the FREEING of mankind, as the allegories suggest…Prometheus breaks his bonds and frees mankind…that is the 'great work'…
    NOT turning humans into part machine…that is science fiction, which they use to MISLEAD and deceive.
    they will CULL humanity, of the religious, primarily…christians, jews, and muslims…the hindus will be reduced drastically…
    and as pike predicts, 'those deistic spirited one WHO ARE LEFT, will be without compass'…not knowing what to believe, and realizing that their 'religion' WAS WRONG, and did not save them….
    then they can reveal the 'true light' of the luciferian doctrine…which of course, IS NOT, 'come follow 'lucifer' to HIS kingdom'…
    that is the future of their dreams, not 'space travel', or 'artificial intelligence' , or 'robots', or 'death camps', or 'TRANSHUMANISM'…
    those are ALL propaganda…to keep you from seeing the light.
    please go check out BROSAL.ORG on youtube…we have a lot to share with each other.

  2. i can't seem to get through your stuff without having to stop you and say…WTF?
    'hidden, crypto, sealed, mystery'…do you say these are the way of the 'occult'?
    what about…'close up and SEAL the words of the scroll'
    …or…'behold i tell you A MYSTERY'….
    what about the first church, a SECRET society…HIDING in the caves…SECRET handshakes and SIGNS…
    what are you basing your understanding on?
    i would like to help you…you seem way off base with you EXOTERIC knowledge…trying to apply it ESOTERICALLY…hahhaaha
    not gonna work, amigo.

  3. "Crypto" definitely refers here to the nature of encoding the blockchain. Creating or disassembling a coded message is known as encryption and decryption — hiding and unhiding, so to speak. Cryptocurrencies guarantee the security of funds through an encryption-decryption process. Surely the Ancient Greek "kruptos" itself was not invented by the occultists, but rather, it happens to be useful in describing them.

    Do newspaper "Cryptograms" have occult connotations because the word "crypto" means secretive? Must everything to do with secrecy be seen as evil?

  4. 3-22 relates to March 22, the first day of Aries and The vernal equinox.
    The Season of Sacrifice.
    The Satanists are twisted and they are in every Lodge, in every town Order of the Eastern Star – witches practicing for Lucifer/Satan

  5. Thoughts…

    1. The Blockchain is actually super visible and not hidden (at least in terms of Bitcoin. Dash, Monero adn ZCash are different stories)…. But the security, the enCRYPTion is what keeps it immutable. The encryption come from cryptography, which yes, was developed and fine tuned by Magickians like John Dee, but the movement of currency is not hidden at all, unlike what happens with the Fed and Central Banks. So I would beg one to consider that Bitcoin is completely Open Source and available for all to review (and has been reviewed by an army of Anarcho-Captilalist and Anarcho-Cryptographer software devs and therefore the scalfodling, the innards, of Bitcoin is not hidden at all.

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