Off the Menu: Episode 69 – The Jesuit Women

5:35 Who was Godfrey de Bouillon?
12:08 Origins of RCIA
23:10 Apocrypha to consider?
26:45 Was the Vietnam War justified?
31:13 Tracing lineage to Constantine
33:15 Repetitive Sins & Spiritual Directors
40:42 Gender Roles of Men vs Women


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  1. Welcome to my world. For me, sometimes I think the Good Lord has a lot of fun with me, making me think time has stopped. One time, I thought I had to get up and get in my Hurricane to intercept the Gerries; imagine how crestfallen I was to find out that it wasn't real. My fiance thankfully told the paramedics that I was okay, and that I didn't need the jacket.

  2. Just so long as Vincent and the pop-cultural Charles Coulombe know that each week should be an hour and a half, not one episode broken in two. Otherwise, here’s hoping Charles enjoys his “fact finding tour,” at the behest of the Frankini Capo de tutti capi.

  3. thank you gentlemen: my RCIA was thirteen months testing my patience, oh yeah. I found the Church easier to leave than to enter but when you enter you really desire to be one with our Lord.
    Pax Christi

  4. A second try: A question for Mr Coulomb: Who were the Iron Guard of Romania. What was their animating philosophy? Were they integralist or racialist? Did they fight against the Nazis? I hope they fought against the Communists.

    Thank you

  5. The explanation on why RCIA is again relevant to our culture is very helpful. However, as a convert who went through RCIA almost twenty years ago as a college student, let me say that NOTHING was taught on the topic of right morals and indeed I went on in my faulty Protestant ways of life for over a year without even availing myself of the confessional. While the need for instruction in morality is in great need, I think there are few lay people who are in a position of knowledge or practice to teach it.

  6. Is Monsieur Coulombe familiar with with the prophecies of the Breton stigmatist Marie-Julie Jahenny, and if so, what are your thoughts, particularly on those regarding the Great Catholic Monarch ?

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