Off the Menu: Episode 71 – French Riviera

8:37 Pope Francis & American Catholics
18:53 Baptism w/o Consent & Anointing
20:54 Catholic Native Americans
24:30 Sacramentals & Superstitions
31:54 Catholic Teaching on Immigration
43:50 Italian City States
50:05 Oral versus Written Tradition
58:45 Tales from Book of Chivalry


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  1. Hilaire Belloc on oral tradition vs written records: “Men forget that tradition, though it gets warped with time and tends to be diverse and vague, is commonly sincere;
    whereas a document may be, and, if official, commonly is, deliberately false.”
    -Hilaire Belloc, The Crisis of Civilisation

  2. 12:00 is gold. Think of the opposition to immigration- it's all complaints over those nasty foreigners coming over to ruin western civilization. Where are the calls from these concerned Catholics to evangelize and convert the immigrants, build the church back up through converts?

    Nevermind, the purpose of the Church is to Make America Great Again, right?

  3. So French Canadians and Puerto Ricans have in common St. John as an answer to the Irish's St. Patrick, that is if we don't count Our Lady Mother of the Divine Providence. In Puerto Rico, the solemnity is a big deal, especially in Viejo San Juan. We have a tradition of jumping backwards into the sea, or any body of water, at midnight, between the 23 and 24, which is said to make you younger.

  4. 24:30 sacraments and superstition
    “Superstitious by definition” what is then the definition of superstition? I was taught that the technical meaning of ‘superstition’ is either “giving true worship to a created thing, or giving false worship to God.”
    The use of a sacramental cannot be former since the worship is to God and cannot be the latter since the instruction for its use comes from God, however, if Protestantism is false worship then by definition it is superstitious.

  5. I am not able to fund you, Charles, but if you go to the French Riviera for ANY reason, you have my blessing. Just continue to release more unreleased Biersach and Coloumbe talks. Professor Biersach’s talk on the Good Samaritan was outstanding. I will never understand this parable in the same way again. 🤓

  6. This might be an interesting intersection between question 2 and 3.

    The Sapa Inca Atahualpa agreed to be baptized by Friar Vincente de Valverde at the stake before being executed by Pizarro.
    Would this be considered a valid baptism? It would be interesting to think that Atahualpa might have gone strait to heaven!

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