Fun Gun Gear Reviews Presents: The Olight X6 Marauder Flashlight / Spot Light. Putting out 5000 lumens through 6 XM-L Cree LED’s, this is one incredibly bright light. For Military, Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue or Sheepdog use, this light is up to the task!

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  1. I wish you would have done some daytime operations to see if it’s daylight bright I work in a job where were use lights to find imperfections in building materials and I need a good daytime bright light been using the Stanley 2200 lumen spotlight t was 50$ at Walmart has done well I want BRIGHTER THOUGH

  2. If you're on a search and rescue and can't manage an extra 1.5lb in your hand to include the battery you have no business being deployed on a search and rescue. And what in the HELL does anyone need with a STROBE in a spot/flood light? If I need something to deter an attacker, a 3 piece unit with separate battery and a couple long attached cords is absolutely the first thing I would reach for. <sarcasm intended> This is a product looking for a purpose if I've ever seen one. Wow, 640 meters. I have lights a fraction of the size that will do that at a tiny fraction of the price. Heck, I can tape a butt load of them together and still beat the price of this beast. Looks like you've sold out to the vendor. Want to 'fess up now? And while you're at it, go get yer's self sum edumukation. And a day job.

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  4. Sootch why do you ALWAYS reference things in METERS instead of FEET ? After all this
    is the UNITED STATES and we ARE NOT on the METRIC SYSTEM!! It would be nice if you would nice if you would talk to us in the U.S. CUSTOMARY SYSTEM ,You know INCHES,FEET, MILES, GALLONS, I mean WTF?

  5. Someone mounted 4 of these lights IN PLACE of there SUV headlights.
    I was blinded for nearly 10 seconds. I actually had to stop in the road where I was at.
    I am amazed at the light power but this is almost abusive.
    SHAME it's several hundred buckaroos.

  6. I cant understand why these modern superbright flashlights aren't equipped just with a stepless dimmer.. it would maybe need more electronics but it would be awesome and extremely easy to understand and use.

  7. That is one powerful thing, but I have questions about ergonomics here: The body of the flashlight is quite huge itself, considering the fact that inside there not much but LED's, so would not it be a better idea of fitting the battery inside?!

  8. single XM-L Cree led has output max. 600lm (datasheet) and this flashlight have 6 of them (6x600lm=3600lm) so there is no way that this will output 5000lm but its great and sturdy flashlight

  9. went to the Olight website got directed to a distributor near where i live, but they don't carry this model, only all the other models by olight, just no x6 marauder, any info on where i could get my hands on one? thanks. i live in SO-CAL btw.

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