Paul A. Fisher, author of “Behind the Lodge Door” – excellent book on Freemasonry, highly recommended.
Topics discussed:
30th degree Knight Kadosh anti-Catholic ritual involving trampling/stabbing of papal tiara/skull and Catholic monarch crown/skull, symbolizing Separation of (War Against Catholic) Church and (Catholic) State
Al Smith – Catholic presidential candidate
Albert Pike
American Protective Association/American Protestant Association
Archbishop Lefebvre
Church and State
Conspiracy against Church and State
Cristero War – Persecution and slaughter of Mexican Catholics in 1920’s & 30’s by Mexican Masonic government supported by America the Masonic Republic
Freemasonry and the New Word Order
Freemasonry in Mexico
Freemasonry in Spain and Spanish Civil War
French Revolution
Everson v. Board of Education
Hugo Black – Supreme Court Justice, mason, and Klansman
Jack Kemp – Freemason
Know-Nothing Movement
Manuel Quezon (former Philippine president and mason)
Masonic-Protestant alliance against the Catholic Church
New Age Magazine – raging Anti-Catholic official magazine of Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction
New Age movement
Papal condemnations of Freemasonry
Parochial (Catholic) schools
Philadelphia Riots
Pope Leo XIII – Encyclical Letter Human Genus against Freemasonry
Pope Pius VIII
Presidents in Freemasonry
Protestant Reformation
Protestants and Other Americans United for Separation of Church and State – founded by an alliance of Freemasons and Protestants, funded by Freemasons
Public schools
Ronald Reagan becoming a Mason
Supreme Court of the United States and period of domination by Freemasons
Stare decisis
“United States a Christian nation”


19 Replies to “OSS Veteran Paul Fisher on Freemasonry’s hostility to the Catholic Church, Parts 1 & 2 of 2”

  1. the one True Pope Benedict in 2013 in correspondence via the internet recognized a living man Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall as the returned Christ .. (the face in the Holy Shroud of Turin) this monumental news is being suppressed by the Vatican and government,media world wide for obvious reasons .. The Christ Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall has already Judged and condemned the jews,masons the synagogue of satan to eternal annihilation… time is up …

  2. Yeah right!!
    From the institution created by and for pedophiles. The church of Rome. The great harlot on the hill. Ok people? Lets find someone to burn at the stake.
    The greatest most perverted organization created by man. How did JC. put it? Ravenous wolves in sheep's clothing? If you haven't seen enough garbage from the Catholic Church by now? Then you never will. Even England got away from those assholes. England managed to save Christianity. The Freemasons are heroes here. The Roman Catholic Church is led by Satan. Read your history. Signed. A former Catholic.

  3. catolicts are the most evil and stupid people in the world nothing else, how many pedofiles catolics are??? church is evil, with they stupid Jesus, everything just stupid, to control people nothing else… every religion only to control you…

  4. The motto on the back of the Dollar Bill is Latin for New Order of the AgesΒ  and what a sickner the Illuminati lasted from 1776 to 1789Β  and had no connection to Freemasonry, the Illuminati were created by a professor of canon law and they hated the Catholic Church and what the SJ had done in the Kingdom of Bavaria

  5. "freemasonry" is a problem just as is this video, and the church does not condone its practice, contrary to this priest opinion. "Traditionalists" or "tradcat's" are just like John Calvin, Luther and all the other protestants, thinking that they hold the truth and not the Church…. "and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it…" (Jesus) math 16;18

  6. Maximilian Kolbe to the Masons:
    You Are Controlled by the Jews
    The 'Jewish Test' of Fr. Maximilian Kolbe

    Translated from an article written by French priests of the SSPX

    Freemasonry: THEIR GOD IS THE DEVIL
    Catholic Opposition to Freemasonry

    British Israel, 'Judeo Masonry', and the Catholic Church
    Undermining America with anti-Catholicism

    Jew-British Pax Brittanica is the removal of Pax Romanum as a spiritual force in the world.

    "To fight against papacy is a social necessity and constitutes the constant duty of Freemasonry." (Masonic International Congress held in Brussels 1904, page 132 of the report.

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