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50 Replies to “Our Generation is Falling For This Trap & Don’t Know it 2018”

  1. Real talk estrogen in loads , that’s why the trans movement I’m only 45 I got 10 kids and in my teens and twenties there was none of this I’m in uk it’s depopulation Agenda 21/30 the machine kingdom singularity chemtrails. All under the same umbrella the machine kingdom fucking gene editing fucking quantum computers Dwave. Cern fermilab fucking messy times indeed people need to recognise wots real in all th~IS THE ISNISS THE ALLIS RECOGNISE PEACE LUV UP πŸ’™


  3. It will be a miracle if there's 50 million people in this Country by the end of this century, It seems like the wealthy, gays, transgenders and feminist are running things and I believe alot of straight men and women are going to just play it safe and stay single

  4. MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE. Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications/5G/WiFi/Cellular, GMO’s, Planned Parenthood/Abortion, Vaccines, Geoengineering/Chemtrails, Mainstream Media, Fluoridation, Products from China, etc.
    what, me worry?

  5. It is true that people need to have less kids or no kids at all, the tipping point of humans is coming, even in China they sell more adult diapers than baby diapers. Over population is here and everyone still fuckn like rabbits with no protection.

  6. Genetic weaknesses came from mixing genetics thats why there is lighter hair color and eye color……folks eas told to not mix genetics they did not listen so this is why there are diseases and kids with cancer and what not………what can u say stop listening to satan and lucifer mixing breeds is not your best friend…..

  7. This is why men are starting to look like women… they're pushing the whole tranny agenda… they want to erase men they're even talking about removing the word man…so. EVERYONE wake up and SERK JESUS…our time is short here…God bless

  8. this is really meant for a specific race of people, their race is not producing kids and they are dying off, they can do all this evil but it will not stop our Messiah from coming or the 144,000 from coming, they can't not stop what's coming, their end is almost here and they are fighting like hell but it will not help

  9. This reminds me of a recent vid I saw about Soylent Green which is basically human tissue implemented in foods. I never heard of Soylent Green but it was very interestingly disgusting. A movie Soylent Green was made way back when with Charlton Heston (10 Commandments). Satanists run this mad world.

  10. To the you the truth…. I would not want to have a child in these days. If you don't send your child to indoctrination school of public satanic schools in the USA, they'll take it. If you don't poison your child by injection, they'll take it. If your child said anything about being another gender, race, or anything else, and you correct that child, they'll take it. If you teach the child about the LORD GOD, they'll figure out how to take it. So….no. I wouldn't want children today. And BTW, if you hug your child, or give them a kiss, and someone says they seen something they didn't see, they'll take it. BUT, if you sexually abuse that child…. they now pretty much leave you alone. I gotta couple stories on that by personal experience to prove that, where my ex wife gave our daughter $400-$500 a month at the age of 13-14 to "go play" and shoved her out the door. I found out about that, found out she (my daughter) was prostituting herself, and tried to get the state involved, and they said I had to go into the place and take a video. Like…. right, these people are just going to let me walk in and video them? I talked to a couple of representatives. They just walked away. But then, I had a sale. A 9 year old was sitting on my porch in front of me. We were talking, and watching people come up to my sale. Some really drunk guy insisted that girl was sitting on my lap. That girl even told that guy she was not, but on a step below me. He even went to the police. Now, they of course found I did nothing wrong. But see how twisted this world is? I won't even go to a park where children are without another adult with me.

  11. at 6:01 Unfortunately, it is not that "people don't understand that" .. it is that in this day the younger generations, don't WANT TO understand it, because Satan's helpers have their minds OWNED instead with Mtv, Television, Stupidity, lust, drugs. and other meaningless things. @JW Tv

  12. Steven, having both of us been involved in the fitness industry we both know about HRT for men as well as women. It isnt just for big muscles and lean physiques. It is for overall mental and physical health and well being. It's in our food, our water, the air we breath. The air fresheners, cleaning supplies, the chemtrails. Men today in their 20's have chronically low testosterone levels as well as growth hormone levels. This is the new generation that cannot think for themselves and in the meantime diabetes and obesity are rampant. We are friends on fb, I am 47 yrs old. Do I look my age ? Come on man, just because I no longer compete does not mean I no longer keep myself healthy. πŸ™‚ I still train hard as hell, I just no longer use the same gear and dosages I used back then.

  13. This is not to stop people from having children. This is a small part of it. They do this to mess up your hormones to change the frequency so you become spiritual blind. This starts with vaccinations. A circle. Aborted babies are being used by the elite to get more dark power. It's all hormones. Not just the blood. They get the hormones and kill the people hormones. SPIRITUAL DEVOLUTION

  14. Him That Has Ears Let Them Hear ONLY THOSE HAVE AN EAR TO HEAR WILL HEAR THE BLIND WILL NERVER HEAR ……………No Matter If They See πŸ‘πŸ‘ The Truth Right In Their Faces. Thank You For The TRUTH GOD IS GOOD AMEN πŸ‘πŸ€—πŸ˜‡

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