Paganism VS Popery – Romanism & the Reformation (30)

This is part 30 of the reading/discussion of “Romanism and the Reformation from the Standpoint of Prophecy” written by Henry Grattan Guinness about 1888.
Tom Friess from Inquisition Update reads, analyzes and discusses this wonderful book that, next to the Bible, every Bible believing follower of our LORD Jesus Christ should know.
The futurist lie from the Vatican and their military order of ‘The Society Of Jesus’ is historically, biblically and prophetically exposed, leaving no room for doubt or questions.
In these end times of total roman catholic – diabolical – deception it is of utmost importance to have a knowledge of the real, often omitted, history that will make clear where we are heading today and in the future.
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Who is the Biblical, Historical and Prophetic ANTICHRIST?
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Here is only an excerpt of his work as there is not enough space to mention them all.

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  1. "Es muß Klarheit in die Geschichte der Jesuiten, und Klarheit gibts keine ohne Wahrheit!"
    Die Jesuiten: vollständige Geschichte ihrer offenen und geheimen Wirksamkeit von der Stiftung des Ordens bis Jetzt.
    Von Theodor Griesinger, 1866
    Videoliste " Die Jesuiten von Theodor Griesinger" –
            Mein zweiter You Tube Kanal:
    Für Griesinger's Jesuitenbuchlesung hier abonnieren

  2. I finally found a church in Arizona that not only preaches strict King James Bible – (Pastor Anderson Faithful Word Baptist Church) but also teaches the Satanic New World Order of Jesuits and Jewish Cultists and preaches against the sodomites and pedophiles! I found home in Tempe Arizona

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