PART1 behaviour [ Origins Saturn/Mars/Mercury/Moon ] Jesuit World order power of MARS/SATURN

in this video i show how the vatican has amassed so much power and who they’ve taken it from. i also show how the psychology of war is gay/homosexual/butt slamming faggot and how that comes from saturn/satan and how the pope uses it against the world to get what he wants while hiding behind shems birthrite that shem wasn’t smart enough to keep from saturn/satan. that’s why the pope is a jesuit and jacob/ham/satan/saturn. the fake jew kikes are setting themselves up for a huge loss for helping ham/niggers/wop/dago pieces of shit jesuit italians/saturnians. the vatican has always used the powers of war/marshal law to rule every world and destroy it not before wiping everyone’s memory and stealing the most powerful parts of people.

Mars/ares was not created by Jupiter/Zeus/KING HAZeus, he is half plant, half human, but now in a mans body but still a baby.

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KING HAZeus AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!

Uranus Bless America.


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  1. thank you man…I appreciate it that makes alot of sence cause he was a lusty man going after other men (Hercules) an shit…another thing I was wondering is were I decend from….my mother an father are Cuban…my skin is white an when in the sun gets gold tint I have curly hair like the picture of HAZues (exactly)….an if its one thing I know is that I have forgiveness in me….I remember my last trip on mushrooms I went to the movies to see jungle book…an in the movie when all the animals meet a the water peace …he goes an get water in front of all the animals an all of them are looking at him like he's not from this planet an all the baby animals are asking there parents what he is an were Mowgli came from..they said he's a man cub (remember I'm on mushrooms lol )so as I'm watching the movie the tiger wants to kill Mowgli because he know what Mowgli can do when he gets older an becomes a man …an the tiger is saying its against the law of the jungle to raise or be affiliated with man because the tiger knows they can destroy with the lotus flower(fire) that's what they called it in the movie…now to get to my point…in the middle of the movie I had to walk out because I literally felt like we as people were a not suppose to exist like we were an accident …cause in the movie all the animals seemed weird when they first saw Mowgli like he was the outcast cause he didn't look like them….an on top of that the tiger wanted to kill him cause he knows the destruction man can bring to the jungle so he says man is forbidden…so this movie had me feeling like I wasn't supposed to be alive….I was like dam are we ment to exist cause in actual reality we are destroying each other an the planet an everything that exist just by us trying to live our lives…I we like this how people kill themselves…but I have strong will an my mother an father showed me strong love an good foundation for me an I'm thankful for that growing up…but later on that day I rolled myself that even I wasn't supposed to exist I would never take my own life I would keep searching for answers…cause there's no way that I wasn't suppose to be alive or be a freak accident when I'm able to care an love an show compassion an forgiveness to people…i know that deep down within me something exist with tremendous amount of potential an from what I here in your videos will soon be awakened again within those who except ….just found out not to long ago that I have Jupiter in Leo in the third house an I have Mars in the first house…I remember in one of your vids you said you have Jupiter in Leo also… I also remember recently Jupiter being in Virgo an here in Tampa Florida were I live there was so much lightning but barley any rain…I said to myself Jupiter is being born

  2. It's funny when I say white people are superior, it's not even racist, it's a fact. I was watching the news and this kike piece of shit named Steve King said "WHITE PEOPLE HAVE DONE MORE FOR CIVILIZATION THAN ‘SUBGROUPS." My point? I know how the kike piece of shit mongrel, hook nose, rat faces work. You know that kike made that statement to add more fuel to the fire. Knowing the retarded blacks don't know the difference between kike and white, and white people will take the heat for this kike non white mongrel. At the end of the day, these kikes can't give white people their credit without perverting it, with a agenda.

  3. I love how you say we need to look to see how people were created to see why they act the way they do. So many of the Sheep think Goats are Sheep and Sheeps are Goats. I will be happy when war is started to end baby bullshit and not kill the holy ones.

    All Glory to King HaZeus and Abba Phos!
    I love you RA!!

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