PART2 behaviour [ Origins Saturn/Mars/Mercury/Moon ] Jesuit World order power of MARS/SATURN

in this video i show how the vatican has amassed so much power and who they’ve taken it from. i also show how the psychology of war is gay/homosexual/butt slamming faggot and how that comes from saturn/satan and how the pope uses it against the world to get what he wants while hiding behind shems birthrite that shem wasn’t smart enough to keep from saturn/satan. that’s why the pope is a jesuit and jacob/ham/satan/saturn. the fake jew kikes are setting themselves up for a huge loss for helping ham/niggers/wop/dago pieces of shit jesuit italians/saturnians. the vatican has always used the powers of war/marshal law to rule every world and destroy it not before wiping everyone’s memory and stealing the most powerful parts of people.

Mars/ares was not created by Jupiter/Zeus/KING HAZeus, he is half plant, half human, but now in a mans body but still a baby.

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KING HAZeus AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!

Uranus Bless America.


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  1. u have been white washed…are enemy has attached there made up theory's to your lovely Brian….before religion there was the Ahmen race…u speak of man made God's…but Ahmen Ra is the first and only true living God…I dare u to study anything i said and fix your tunge to say I am wrong….u lead people astray from the true message of

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