1. arthur may GOD have mercy on you JESUS CHRIST is the way the truth and the life nobody comes to the father but by him I promise you this that every knee will bow and every mouth will confess that  JESUS CHRIST is LORD to the glory of GOD the FATHER

  2. I agree with you as far as The ELITE group of jesuit's, etc. I can't help but pray for the people who follow this, do not research what it is their own belief's say they believe taking a stand against the corruption, they follow totally not knowing where they are lead, No man has superiority over any other, Our Lord "I am the truth and the light."

  3. yea? then you are just blind dumb ass. LOOK! Hitler and Gebels. Stalin and Berija. Putin and Medvedev. when Moscow was conquered by Polish, it was Minin and Pozharski that knoked them out of there. Oh and u want to talk about occult, it was yer filthy bibble that cut out all the witches knolegable wemen. fucing beast

  4. what was so evil about him coming to Jusus and asking him to rule? There are only two types of men in this world Alfa male and Omega. "The Bull and The Whore" Jusus was Mega alfa and "satan" was mega Omega. two brothers together is power! u sooo stupid!

  5. I notice you have no history at all on youtube. So typical of you liars. No history. You all work the same way. For people that believe they are above everyone because of their intellect you guys are pretty stupid.

  6. i know……the brainwashed masses. Unfortunately alot of it is hypnosis as well. Look into the history of hypnosis.. They use it in the larger churches. Benny Hinn for instance. It is mass hypnosis. I believe they used it during the fatima deception where the children walked backwards and recited in latin. Where the sun came down and swirled around. It's massive deception

  7. catholicism is satanism pretending to be Christian. They hate Jesus Christ and that's why they pretend to crucify Him over and over in their ritual mass. They hate the Bible and that's why they have a long history of burning accurate translations, original manuscripts, and the people that translate the Bible accurately for others to read for themselves. They want total mindcontrolled slaves for their own pleasures, but Jesus Christ is God and came to set you free. Trust in Him alone.

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