Well you know when big news is going on, you gotta have the trolls trying to distract everyone with nonsense that matters to only them. So today when Peter Strzok is getting hammered publicly they were focusing on some old news about a small YouTube channel called “Mr. Gunk” now called “Fully Sourced” that is run by a creepy dude who groomed a 15 year old. Okay, that has been covered now can we get back to exposing the actual powers that should not be?

Peter Strzok getting absolutely grilled today and failing miserably is the top story of the day. The demonrats lying constantly during that congressional hearing was pathetic. Peter Strzok should be arrested for lying under oath as he did multiple times yesterday. He could not be more biased and completely un-objective than he is. Fire Strzok, fire Sessions, Fire Rosenstein and fire Mueller. Then investigate Mueller for his role in the 9/11 cover up.

SES Senior Executive Service people should all be removed, the SES is too corrupt to save, get rid of the whole program.

Videos mentioned:

Mr. Gunk exposed by SIJW: https://youtu.be/hj5mNklfAfM

Peter Strzok gets rekt: https://youtu.be/ejCnZPBPi9M

Please flag this video for harassment: https://youtu.be/rHrYDj7PeL4

FKN Freddy has lost his mind. Even LTV had to call him out last night. Guy needs some serious help. Maybe Freddy you should not be making videos if you can’t keep your self together and you accuse people of stuff you cannot prove.

Furthermore calling me “Autitus” is extremely disrespectful, and anyone who has a relative that has autism should be highly offended by that nickname, as I am. I have family members with Autism and I take massive offense to someone using Autism to attack people online as if it is an insult to call someone autistic, when the people who are autistic have no choice in the matter, they are born that way or are caused to be such by vaccines. Freddy is literally attacking handicapped people just to try and lob an insult my way.

BTW Freddy I am not autistic and saying such is slander and libel, I am also not connected to “Mr Gunk” and if I brought charges against your for criminal harassment you would lose in court, and yes I am documenting and I have saved everything you said as I may pursue legal action if this undue harassment continues.

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47 Replies to “Peter Strzok Got Grilled, Mr. Gunk Exposed by SIJW, Fkn Freddy is a Moron.”

  1. who is saying mr. gunk is a pedo, some pedos. somebody said it on yt, it's gotta be true! throwing pedo accusations around w/o proof is going to bite back. i don't believe it for a minute. these evil people running the show have the tech. to PROVE THAT ANYBODY IS A PEDO!!! there is nothing worse than being call a chomo, be sure.

  2. Mr. gunk had a good pg intro when it first broke. I watched him for a little while at the beginning of all this. He did a weird thing where he outed this young woman/girl who he claimed was obsessed with him. Then he covered this girl who webcamed her lonely disfunctional life and home, who ended up committing suicide. He was heartbroken by this girl’s story in an inappropriately passionate way. Struck me as off. Then he got really bitter in the next videos. I stopped watching. Any details to confirm the allegations would be appreciated.

  3. Hi Titus, both The Honeybee and SGT Report are both Patreon supporters of Mr. Gunk (whose channel is now renamed Fully Sourced).

    I don’t know the full story, but Melisa Honeybee seemed to think the pedo accusation was either a smear or a misunderstanding, if I understand correctly. I believe she reached out in commiseration and to encourage him to keep going after the pedo accusation video came out, which makes me feel like there may be more to the story than meets the eye, and perhaps it was a misunderstanding?

    I do know that one tactic of the Luciferian/deep state pedophiles has been to try to smear anti-pedophile researchers and campaigners as pedophiles. So I at least think we should give him the benefit of the doubt pending more research.

    Having watched many of his videos, I can attest some of them have been very informative, turning up new information, and he appears to be very sincere in his revulsion for the pedo elite and its vile exploitation of children.

  4. Dude that frkn Freddy dude is going down he looks like a MAJOR CREEP
    P.s dude I just literally am Soo infuriated after watching his videos, does he not have something productive to do?!? Ohh wait.. hes friends with that Chinida 2 faggot

  5. Mr Gunk produces good quality stuff. Deeply researched. It HAS to be a hit piece. Watch his vid on the girl who hung herself. Thoroughly thoroughly researched. I would be SHOCKED. You shouldn't say unproven shit like that. If hes on a list – should be ez for any youtube journalist to prove – THEN condemn him.
    You read/saw a hitpiece on the guy id bet. His stuff is damn good. And you talk like that to SgtReport like that?! He's always respectful. Wtf is wrong with you?! So, we should effectively burn these guys vids?

    You are the bad guy in this conversation my friend.

  6. It's a simple question… a simple number… "How many people had Strzok interviewed between July 31st & Aug 8th 2016 did Strzok interview? It is now obvious that Strzok is being protected by the Clinton Mafia! Because the reason for the question is to see if Strzok asked anyone, anything or interviewed a single person, which the answer will be released, soon. What that means is that in a real FBI investigation… The FBI [100% OF THE TIME] interviews witnesses and prospects of a particular crime within minutes and it's not usually one or two, it's usually 10 or 20 in those first few days. However, in this case… HOW MANY DID STRZOK INTERVIEW! https://youtu.be/ANohtXQhkQw THE 2 PARTY OLIGARCHY NEEDS TO BE REMOVED, please stop supporting either or.

  7. He was weird from the get go…. even the name…. creepy…. He got caught grooming young girls, then blamed the girls when confronted…. its all on JAMIE DLUX channel…. He fooled lots of people…. i will post the name when it comes to me…..

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